Boost Longevity by Including These Five Beneficial Food

Healthy bowl of salad for lunch

Including the right foods in your diet will go a long way

Our population is living a lot longer but not towards the direction of health and longevity.
People accumulate many diseases due to a lifestyle filled with processed foods and a lack of exercise.
I, too, want to live a healthy and long life, with fewer visits to the doctor and absolutely no hospital stays whatsoever.
I don’t believe anyone wishes for these occurrences, but not many people are doing enough to eliminate their chances.
Free radicals damage our cells daily, making us much more susceptible to diseases and cancer. Foods rich in antioxidants can help fight these free radicals.
We’re not only battling the outside world to stay healthy but also the choices we make on what to eat.
Changing our nutritional habits is as easy as making more positive choices, and the food items below will give you a bit more leverage along the way.

Food one: Olive oil (cold-pressed organic)

I love olive oil, and being Greek — it’s one of the essential oils you could use in your foods.
Olive oil contains good fats, which help to boost memory and fight inflammation.
Olive oil also helps lower harmful cholesterol levels without messing with the good ones.
Don’t heat olive oil as it becomes rancid when heated to high temperatures. Instead, save it for your avocado drizzle or on salads and scrambled eggs.

Food two: Berries of all kinds

What I love about berries is you can put them on pretty much any food you eat.
I love using berries in my smoothies or eating them as a snack during the day.
All berries contain a considerable amount of antioxidants that help fight free radicals, cancer and some forms of brain disease.
So enjoy frozen berries if you can’t get the fresh variety.

Food Three: An abundance of vegetables

All kinds of vegetables contain antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Veggies are the best way to fight disease and increase your longevity.
Although dark leafy green veggies like kale, spinach and broccoli are mighty, all varieties are, in fact, healthy — the more colourful veggies you include in your diet, the more abundant your antioxidant consumption will become.
Vegetables also include carbs like sweet potato & carrots, which have lots of vitamin A to keep eyes & skin in good condition and let’s not forget the importance of boosting our immune system.

Food four: Nuts

Nuts are my ultimate snack must-haves since they provide a great source of plant-based protein and a load of other essential nutrients.
Almonds are one of the best nuts because they contain vitamin E, which helps lower the risk of stroke in women.
Pecans also have a lot of antioxidants. In addition, walnuts are shown to lower LDL cholesterol.
Although nuts are high in fat, they are still very beneficial to eat regularly.
However, I would recommend portioning them out as it’s straightforward to overeat nuts when starving. Around 24 almonds have about 160 calories.

Food Five: Adapt the best diet available

You probably know this, but there is one diet that researchers rave about since it is suitable for your heart health and lowers your chances of developing some forms of cancer.
The Mediterranean diet contains olive oil, fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains and fish. But, of course, let’s not forget to add a bit of red wine to the mix.
As you get older, weight loss might become a little more challenging than it did for your younger self.
We become stressed due to juggling parenting, work commitments and maintaining a bustling home.
As a result, eating well and exercising regularly might become somewhat of a challenge to some.
When you develop a mindset toward longevity rather than just another ‘diet’, you aim for long-term benefits that will sustain your health, longevity and energy levels throughout life.

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