4 Delicious Foods That Improve Energy, Mood & Health

Three Foods You Need That Improve Energy, Mood & Health

These four powerful foods in your diet will improve memory, energy, mood and of course – health

Inflammation in our body results from many things which are within our control. Stress, late nights, sugar-filled processed foods, and fried alternatives worsen our condition. When our body increases its rate of inflammation, that’s usually a key indicator that it is fighting something. This could be some injury or infection coming on. Our body has to do this to repair the issue or fight off any pathogens before they take control. 

What happens to us when we experience inflammation?

Unfortunately, the prolonged inflammation most of us experience today constantly elevates our stress levels, putting us at risk of developing diseases. It doesn’t make us feel too good either and can mess with our mental health and decrease energy levels.

When you add terrible eating habits into the mix, your body cannot recover and rejuvenate.

Fill your body with nourishing foods

We should be filling our diet with nutrient-rich food that combats inflammation and increases the good bacteria in our gut — which benefits our health & eliminates disease. Then, we can start decreasing our stress levels naturally, over time, while increasing our methods for combating stress. These might include exercise, meditation, and becoming more mindful of the distress around you. 

Once you see your triggers, finding the ways and means to overcome them is easier. In the meantime, take it slow with food as your inflammatory superpower. It will not happen overnight, so give it time and make a conscious effort to gain the benefits it brings over the long haul.

One: Eat fermented & beneficial gut foods more often

I always say ‘love your guts’ more than anything if you want good health now and as you age! I recommend going down the Mediterranean path if you prefer a diet that ticks all the boxes. It will provide all the necessary nutrients for good health, weight loss and longevity. 

The Mediterranean diet is excellent for gut health, too, with the added benefits of red wine consumption (if that’s your thing). Our gut requires a variety of fruits, vegetables, pulses and whole grains to thrive and feed the good guys that help us. This alone drastically reduces inflammation within the body. 

Eating more fermented food, including yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi and kombucha, is also a good idea.

Two: Decrease stress through the following

There are so many different herb combinations that you can use to marinate your animal protein and vegetables.

Firstly turmeric is a great anti-inflammatory, as well as regulating stress hormone.

Garlic is also fantastic and can be added to anything in raw or cooked variety. If you have gut challenges with garlic, bake it instead. If you are after something sweet, why not eat a couple of dark chocolate squares? They are rich in antioxidants and are delicious as an afternoon treat. A study followed participants who ate 1.5 ounces of chocolate per day for two weeks aided in helping lower stress levels in the body.

Three: Lower cortisol levels

Avocados are a powerhouse for reducing stress and anxiety while boosting concentration and improving mood. Add some healthy avocado to a slice of sourdough, or include avocado with your eggs and salads. Omega 3 in avocados contains phytochemicals, fibre and essential nutrients. Avocados are great for vegans and vegetarians.

If you have trouble sleeping, add some magnesium-rich foods into your diet before supplementation.

Try snacking on pumpkin seeds, almonds, and spinach every day. Here is a list of some magnesium-rich foods for your further reading.


Four: Fight off those toxic free radicals

The richest sources of phytonutrients (that help combat free radicals) are anything that has vibrant colours. That covers all vegetables and fruits, although some are better than others. Add berries to your oats (or snack on them regularly), strawberries and any berries. You can’t go wrong with anything green when it comes to vegetables.

Add more sweet potato into your diet, rather than your traditional white varieties, including some carrots and beetroot.

Beetroot juice boosts stamina, decreases blood pressure, and increases blood flow. Try adding some beetroot to your salad if you train a lot, or go for the juice variety instead.


Key takeaways

Both our self-inflicted inflammation and the environment can impact our health. Bringing more awareness to this can help you add certain foods to your diet to help you combat the lasting impact it makes on your body and mental health. Please sign up via my link if you want to read more articles like this or start writing your own. I’d love to see you on the other side.  

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