11 Health habits that are enjoyable and help you lead a better life

It’s time to build a nurturing friendship with food and lifestyle habits Food — is something we love and, at times, then

Chick pea, sweet potato & spinach curry

It's time to show some love by going back on the vegan side for the day. Make your mark with

If during intermittent fasting and my stomach growls, should I eat or ignore it?

It’s perfectly normal for your stomach to growl during the fasting period. The longer you fast, the more inclined it

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Why do experts recommend exercise even though weight loss is 90% determined by the food plan?

You are correct in your assumptions about weight loss. Most of it is determined by changing your diet. This will


2021 – A year in the making of something both devastating and magical

If 2021 has been a tough year, I hear you To say it’s been a tough year is an understatement. I can


Why is it hard to gain muscle?

I hear you, gaining muscle (naturally of course) is not easy for anyone, especially women. Of course, some of us


6 belly fat busting hacks you need in your life right now

I love hacks that can take your results to another level. Belly fat happens to be the most popular subject


Breakfast Wrap

Breakfast on the move can sometimes become a little challenging. Try this high protein wrap with a difference and become


Drinking Enough Coffee Daily May Lower your Risk of Death – but not Always!

Coffee has some excellent benefits and perhaps something that we’re not aware of There aren’t many people who don’t live for