11 Health habits that are enjoyable and help you lead a better life

It’s time to build a nurturing friendship with food and lifestyle habits Food — is something we love and, at times, then

Chick pea, sweet potato & spinach curry

It's time to show some love by going back on the vegan side for the day. Make your mark with

If during intermittent fasting and my stomach growls, should I eat or ignore it?

It’s perfectly normal for your stomach to growl during the fasting period. The longer you fast, the more inclined it

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Grit, Flexibility, and Creative Flow is the Key to Success as a Writer

I often ask myself why I didn’t come onto Medium years ago My spare time is to write multiple articles, take


How do you decide which of the different types of intermittent fasting is the healthiest for you?

I do believe the best ways to intermittently fast should be what you can stick with realistically, lose the body


Can you gain muscle mass while on intermittent fasting (with a caloric surplus)?

The process of building muscle is the same as if you were not on any dietary plan. The difference is


6 Tips for Weight Loss Success – and it’s Not a 1500 Calorie Diet Plan

Cut your ties with accepting minimal calories to eat for good Does anyone know how much food they need, based on


6 great things about getting older that young people don’t get

Swapping youth for wisdom isn’t so bad after all. Most of us do whatever we can to disguise the wrinkles and


Lose Body Fat by Doing Less & Eating More – Yes it’s a Fact

According to this PT, you can lose body fat by doing nothing & eating 20% more This heading may have grabbed