11 Health habits that are enjoyable and help you lead a better life

It’s time to build a nurturing friendship with food and lifestyle habits Food — is something we love and, at times, then

Chick pea, sweet potato & spinach curry

It's time to show some love by going back on the vegan side for the day. Make your mark with

If during intermittent fasting and my stomach growls, should I eat or ignore it?

It’s perfectly normal for your stomach to growl during the fasting period. The longer you fast, the more inclined it

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Kiwi chia pudding

Best on the go breakfast or snack there is...


The top five reasons why you’re not losing weight with fasting

Intermittent fasting is the most popular weight-loss trend out there, which works wonders, only when it’s done correctly. It’s effortless to


An Essential Macro Which May Be Hindering Your Health & Exercise Endurance

If you’re going to make changes to your health & body — do this one thing Although we don’t all want to