Increase Your Results During Every Workout by Following These Six Easy Steps

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If you have a plan of action every time you exercise, results will become effortless.

Working out at the gym, outdoors, or in your comfortable setting is essential to leading a healthy and active life. However, I believe that any exercise and having a proper plan of action are better than none.

As a gym fanatic, I will focus my tips on a training perspective aligned with my experience and specialty. However, these tips are great, no matter what training you do. A workout has several benefits, including weight loss, muscle building, and better health. Whatever your goal is, these tips should help you in more ways than one.

Six simple strategies that guarantee success in achieving your workout goals.

One: Diet

It’s an essential part of a healthy workout strategy. As I always point out, we cannot out-train a bad diet.

You may have a slight chance as a teenager, but not as an adult. It’s not just for aesthetic purposes; it’s also for health and longevity. Continually eating processed and artificial foods will not serve your health. Cut out these nutrient-void foods, focusing instead on whole foods such as high-grade sources of protein and vegetables. Your meals should consist of vegetables with moderate amounts of protein and carbohydrates.

Two: Hydration

Many people plan their workouts and healthy eating, forgetting that hydration optimises our body’s potential. Drinking fluids is necessary for replacing losses during sweating, and dehydration increases heart stress and decreases performance. As a result, you will not perform optimally during your training session. One trick I use is to drink 1 litre of water before training and one during my session. The correct hydration helps replace lost fluids and maintains the effectiveness of your workout. Proper hydration also diminishes any headaches and muscular aches due to dehydration.

Three: Sleep quality

If you don’t allocate enough sleep and quality sleep, you leave yourself susceptible to injury when training. Sleep deprivation also diminishes your efforts, leaving you open to injury and frustration. One crucial factor is that excessive exercise can bring on the same symptoms. It leads to anger, tension, stress, depression and confusion. Sleep deprivation also leaves us open to making adverse food choices. Sleep is also crucial for recovery and rejuvenation, not only for athletes but also for everyone — no matter your exercise preference. Too many of us stay up late at night, watching mindless TV and constantly attached to our screens. Allow yourself the gift of sleep, and discover how it can change the quality of your life.

Four: Getting right into the workout zone by ignoring everything

It’s imperative to structure your workout as time just for you, no one else. Spend this little time to zone out of your everyday life and focus on training — be present. If you block everything else around you, results will manifest faster because of your focus and concentration on the job. Working out is also stress relief, or as I deem “therapy.” It’s a significant priority in my life. How will working out benefit you mentally, as well as physically? Find out what is essential for you, and tap into that as a motivating factor, pushing you further towards achieving your goals.

Five: Always have great music on hand

I don’t know about your gym, but mine has a dreadful playlist on repeat!

My favourite music motivates and energises me to work out even harder. Pick a playlist that resonates with you. It should be uplifting & energising — helping you forget the world for a short time. Music can also beat the boredom that sometimes comes with monotonous training like marathon running or help push beyond your comfort zone when lifting heavy weights. Always have your headphones and music ready before you hit the gym. I can’t train without mine.

Six: Strength training

I have saved the best till last! Strength training is essential in building strength, enhancing your metabolisms capacity, and increasing your bone density. Your body will transform when you learn how to lift weights properly.

Conditioning, reshaping, and sculpting an athletic look are at your fingertips when you lift weights regularly. Not only do you change physically, but you build mental strength as you push through your limitations and boundaries. Build your confidence in your body and inner being by regularly lifting weights. I do hope these tips and tricks have helped you.

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