Wake up! Becoming older & arrogant is abandoning your chance to be happy

If you think that mental maturity stops, you could be killing your full potential for life

As I watch older people around me, I find the same disturbing characteristic that many of them share. Most people believe that when you hit a certain age, it’s time to stop trying to gain new knowledge, development, and mastery skills. But  I don’t know of a better school than life itself. As children, we seemed to embrace learning, and our minds never stopped questioning everything. So much so that it drove our parents and loved ones crazy (or was that just me). Even now, at age 43, I still find myself in a pool of curiosity, wanting to devour the answers to my endless stream of questions. Perhaps it was a lot easier to learn things as a younger person. However, it initially becomes harder to understand at around 12 because of the hormonal transition into puberty. From the age of 25, brain patterns become consistent and can become harder to change. Do you know someone in their 40’s and beyond that’s too stubborn to change something in their life — even though it’s not serving them? I most certainly do, and it’s painful to watch. This doesn’t mean our brain isn’t functioning as it should — it means WE are not exercising flexibility and are not bothered to make the necessary efforts. Learning is the key (at any age) to keeping our brains flexible and active. The Greek thinker Aristotle believed that life is defined by movement. What does not move is dead. Therefore, whatever has more speed and mobility has more life energy. We begin life as movable and creative little human beings. As we get older, immobility starts to take over. Most of us try to gain the youth, fitness and vitality that was once in its prime as a younger person. But deep down. We need that fluidity of mind that was in harmony with our being once upon a time. As adults, we spend a lot of time in the past, mulling over regret, resentment and obsessing over stupid stuff. To move past this, we have to distract ourselves and tap into something new that we can absorb worthy of our attention. It can be a novel we want to write or a marathon we’ve always wanted to participate in. It can be absolutely anything that lights you up inside. If not now, then when? Go on; you can do it. Start where you currently are and keep moving. Don’t waste your precious time on earth going over past experiences which you cannot change. Instead, keep moving, seeking and doing something that brings you and other people value. What could be more valuable than creating a life of your choice & helping others to do so as well? If you would like to read more articles like this or start writing your own, please sign up via my link. I’d love to see you on the other side. Sign up here for your medium subscription

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