Grit, Flexibility, and Creative Flow is the Key to Success as a Writer

I often ask myself why I didn’t come onto Medium years ago

My spare time is to write multiple articles, take all of my previous blog posts — reformatting, editing, and updating the content. Unfortunately, the writing is so bad that I’m embarrassed to use it most of the time. I’m not sure where my mind was, but how can I expect to be an expert so early on?  At least I gave it a chance and just kept it ongoing. 

I have always loved this platform. Before I caught the writing bug, I would read story upon story, in envy of the beautiful pieces you wrote. It didn’t occur to me once that I should start writing — even though I loved it. But what I have learned along the writing journey is it takes a lot to develop momentum on this platform. I think it will take me a lot of time because I’m still in those infancy stages, and I haven’t allowed my voice to shine enough. It can still be daunting. I feel myself reverting into my old patterns of research-heavy, bland and cold articles. Do you know those — without any substance? I’ve written a tone of those! I guess it’s easy to play it safe with boring “information articles,” but they seem to be very popular. What is also high in popularity involves making money online or some strategic piece. I like reading those, too, although I enjoy writing good old thought-provoking content focusing on mindset and life’s journey.This is a popular one of mine which I’m proud of. Six Things I Wish I Did More Of, Now That I’m a Lot Older I also posted a shorter piece that was a little bit funny. But I want to change my tune, opting with some weird, wacky fat loss tips. I didn’t think this one would be any good — but I was wrong. You Should Wear One Thing Every Day to Help You Eat Less and Stay Lean I wanted to show my stats for today. I was proud of them. I don’t think they’ve been this high before. 

The authors own screenshot.
 No, they aren’t in the 100K category, but I wanted to tell all newbies that it might take a while to get there. Along the way, you can always add some sub-niches to your preferred topic. Don’t sell yourself short by only having one niche. You never know what might tickle your fancy as you continue to refine and even redefine your style.  Although my goal is to keep engagement and eyeballs on my articles high, I didn’t realise how challenging the task was. But I’m in it for the long haul. I discovered these minor points that helped me a lot.

  • Making headlines compelling and sometimes controversial
  • Making sure the content is somewhat unique, with a bit of humour and exciting in some way
  •  I’ve recently posted recipes that have been an excellent way to start increasing engagement and bringing deliciousness into peoples lives

It all stems from wanting to help people. I might not be the one you come to to get rich, but maybe down the line, I’ll have something to say about that too. But for now, mindset, health, food and weight loss is my thing. Whatever your particular thing is, keep going. Take the good with the bad, read as much as you can and keep going. You will only get better and better. Best wishes to you all, and feel free to share your most loved work in the comments. Also, it will be lovely to read some of your posts. If you would like to read more articles like this or start writing your own, please sign up via my link. I’d love to see you on the other side. Sign up here for your medium subscription 

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