Is too much cardio bad for your gains?

Absolutely! Too much cardio is like a funnel in which you constantly fill up (train with weights and eat for gains) then when you do vigorous forms of cardio, muscle just keep seeping out at the end of the spout. You keep filling it up, and then it keeps draining. Muscle is actually being burnt off as an energy source, leaving you deflated, lethargic and struggling to lose body fat.

This is a form of insanity guys. You are building and losing, and the cycle continues as long as you keep on doing the same thing time and time again.

I shouldn’t talk really, as I was caught up in this cycle for years, and then suddenly I wondered where all my gains actually went (however minimal they were)

Let’s talk about some very real factors in which many people do not want to address, when trying to lose weight and gain muscle mass.

  1. If your intention for exercise is to burn calories only – then you are wasting so much precious life energy.
    A lot of people have the rational that they can compensate eating a lot more, by working out. After they finish the treadmill run, which is a mediocre 600 calories worth of calorie burn – they step out of the gym and consume fast food, sugary drinks and chocolate cake. This is completely wrong, and will never, ever allow you to burn body fat. There is no way to ever out train a bad diet – not even one!So if this isn’t working, why not stop and think about it for a second. How about exercising for performance and conditioning instead? You can still use some very effective exercise that promote weight loss (as well as build muscle). Not to mention that sprinting intervals, not only take less time but have a higher fat burning effect then just jogging on the treadmill. You have literally just halved your time in the gym, had a more effective workout, and more likely to develop an aesthetically pleasing shape!
  2. You can lose body fat more quickly than you gain muscle mass. But over time, it’s a lot easier to sustain your muscle mass than your fat loss.
    With some diet tweaking and exercise, you can lose body fat quite fast (especially if you are quite new to dieting or have more body fat to lose).As anyone that trains to put on muscle mass, the process takes a considerable amount of time and effort. Strength can be gained from a few workouts, but it’s the muscle mass accumulation that takes anywhere from 4–6 weeks to develop -it happens very slowly.

    To sustain your results is a lot easier than starting from baseline. The only think needed to sustain your results is adequate diet and a minimal amount of weight training.

    When it comes to fat, it’s a whole new ball game! This is a tough process to sustain long term once it’s lost. Hunger hormones change when you lose body fat, making you want to eat more. Some people mistakenly move a lot less when they start to lose weight, leading to a calorie burn drop.

    The moral of this story is, when it comes to changing your body long term, it’s a lot more worthwhile to train for muscle mass, and eat in a way that helps you lose body fat, whilst retaining your hard earned muscle mass. That means higher protein, heaps of cruciferous vegetables, and small amounts of complex carbohydrates. A good strategy is to carb cycle regularly, if you need to shed some body fat.

As you can see from the points above, it makes more sense to keep on training for muscular growth, and making sure you are eating well, for overall long-term fat loss. It doesn’t make sense to keep on pursuing cardio, seeing as it doesn’t have the metabolic power that lifting weights does.

Just to recap – muscle development ignite the following 3 aspects

  1. Mechanical tension – lifting heavy weights leads to activating genetic pathways leading to muscle growth
  2. Muscle damage – leads to growth factors that stimulate muscle building
  3. Metabolic stress – releasing of hormones that trigger tissue growth and fat burning

When lifting weights long term, expect to be able to sustain your body weight, muscle mass and strength well into old age – which is a much more sustainable and realistic approach to fat loss.

The choice is ultimately yours, but at least you can arm yourself with as much information as possible, in order to make the best decisions for quality of life and happiness of course!

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