One Thing You Should Eat More of to Help Eliminate Belly Fat

One Thing You Should Eat More of to Help Eliminate Belly Fat

We aren’t getting enough of it, and this food source should be a priority

Encouraging people to eat more vegetables is hard, especially when preaching this to the family. People love the taste of animal protein and carbs but never stop thinking about how their choices may hinder disease and general health elimination.

Vegetable consumption should be higher than any other macro on your plate. Eating this first and then moving on to protein and carbs is essential. It’s one of the most profound keys to weight loss. The problem is that not all fat in our body is the same.

Visceral fat (the one that accumulates on our bellies) is particularly detrimental. In one particular study, researchers examined whether lifestyle factors such as diet and frequency of exercise were associated with a five-year change in abdominal fat stores. This study involved 1,114 people, and all participants were given a physical exam, a questionnaire on lifestyle issues and a CT scan.

This scan is the only way to measure how much subcutaneous and visceral fat participants had.

Five years later, the researchers implemented the same process. Researchers uncovered that those individuals who increased the amount of soluble fibre in their diet decreased the rate of accumulated visceral fat — but not subcutaneous fat.

Therefore, the evidence is clear that increasing the amount of soluble fibre, exercising, and healthy eating lowers your visceral or belly fat. Fibre and its relationship to obesity have been studied, but not regarding specific fat deposits. This study provides specific information on how dietary fibre, especially soluble, affects weight accumulation through fat deposits.

How can you integrate soluble fibre into your diet?

If you haven’t tried this tactic for belly fat loss, incorporate some soluble fibre alternatives with healthy eating and exercise to get the ball rolling.

One: Avocados

Add some of these beauties to your salad or with eggs regularly.

Two: Sweet potatoes

Instead of eating the white variety, regularly add some sweet potato alternatives to your diet.

Three: Broccoli

One of the best cruciferous veggies is high in nutrient value and provides adequate levels of soluble fibre.

Four: Apples

Have an apple as a snack instead of an artificial alternative on supermarket shelves.

Five: Sunflower seeds

Easily added to your salad or snacked on for better health. By integrating these excellent alternatives into your diet, you will get the added benefits of fibre and increase your chances of gaining better health and weight loss!

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