Increase Your Heart health and Longevity by Adding These 5 Things Into Your Diet

Increase Your Heart health and Longevity by Adding These 5 Things Into Your Diet

Plant food is almost always the best way to increase your health and longevity

Plant-based foods contain many antioxidants and carotenoids, which act as potent anti-inflammatory agents in our bodies. We need as much of this as possible to attain the best health and combat disease. That’s why increasing your colourful vegetable and fruit range is essential, as that will provide you with the best nutrients and give your gut bacteria more of the good guys it needs to stay healthy. Lycopene is another powerful antioxidant that helps improve your blood pressure and cardiovascular health and reduces cholesterol. Plus, it helps fight off many types of cancers. Since heart disease and cancer is the leading cause of death in the US, it’s in your best interest to start adding lycopene-rich foods into your diet for added protection. The great news regarding these foods is that they are likely available all season long, so you can be sure to get the full benefits throughout the year. But if they aren’t — why not go for the frozen alternative? 

One: Eat sweet potatoes instead of white ones

Sweet potatoes are my absolute favourite healthy and nourishing source of carbs. Unlike their white counterparts, sweet potatoes contain vitamin A and lots of fibre and help keep your skin glowing. To add to the advantages of sweet potatoes, you can be sure they include a lot of lycopene within that healthy mix. I’m keen on sweet potato fries or chunky, baked sweet potatoes with herbs and a coconut yogurt dip! 

Two: Papaya

Our plate of papaya with lime juice drizzled during my trips to Hawaii was the most crucial hotel room welcome. That is, by far, the best welcome I’ve ever had! Papaya not only helps with constipation (great after a long flight) but help with digestion upsets. Add it to your smoothie (be sure to freeze it first) or eat it as the people from Hawaii do — sliced in chunks with lime juice. Just divine! 

Three: Tomatoes

If you don’t have fresh tomatoes — don’t worry because you can still get the beautiful benefits of tomatoes. Use the canned variety (look for the least sugar) in your sauces or stews. For example, chop up fresh tomatoes in a salad. If they are overripe and hard to eat — don’t you dare throw them away. Instead, remove the skin and seeds, chop with garlic, and add them to a sauce or when you bake potatoes; they are too precious to throw out. Sun-dried tomatoes provide the highest level of lycopene; the second comes tomato puree. So keep that in mind when you are shopping for your lycopene-rich foods.


Four: Watermelon

Are you surprised by this one? Watermelon is one of the most deliciously refreshing fruits around summertime and can contain as much lycopene as tomatoes! You can use watermelon in your salad with tomatoes, crumbled feta, and balsamic vinegar. Then, for added crunch, sprinkle some pumpkin seeds. That’s pretty much the most antioxidant-rich salad you’ll ever get!


Five: Blood oranges instead of your conventional kind

Blood oranges have a much richer colour than the standard variety, and that’s because they are so high in lycopene! Blood oranges can be used as a marinade or added to your smoothie for a tart hit. If you are feeling naughty, why not make an orange and almond cake (the healthy variety, of course)? Does cake also count as an added lycopene source? You probably didn’t realise how many fruits and vegetables contain such a high-grade nutrient as lycopene. Perhaps you’ve already established a good baseline habit to keep your levels high. Add them daily to your meal alternatives, such as a marinade or salad dressing. Please sign up via my link if you want to read more articles like this or start writing your own. I’d love to see you on the other side. ???????? Sign up here for your medium subscription. I get a portion of your monthly fee at no extra cost to you, and it will go a long way in supporting me as a writer. If you want to express gratitude with coffee, send the love via this link.

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