Reverse liver damage from unhealthy eating in four simple ways

Reverse liver damage from unhealthy eating in four simple ways

Our bodies are remarkable, regenerating beings — here’s why

Even though I’m bringing these findings to light, I still don’t advocate eating junk food. Sure, having a treat a few times a week is different, but eating junk food daily isn’t the best idea. The long-term damage to your health might not manifest now, but further along in the future, it may not be as kind. 

I want to share my own mother’s journey with you. Mum wasn’t too keen on healthy eating until she was diagnosed with diabetes. Together, we formulated a great plan to help with weight loss, and she lost 14kg in a year.

That achievement was outstanding, but the worst health news came to light a year later. Mum developed pancreatic cancer and lived just over six months. That time was heartbreaking and painful for both of us. I don’t want that to happen to anyone, and I feel compelled to tell you that it doesn’t matter how young or old you are — your health can take a turn for the worst.

Everything will eventually catch up to us. But the good news is you can turn it around by eating healthy foods. The better news is that you can reverse junk food damage! A study was conducted (on mice) to see the effects of a diet mimicking a typical fast food meal.

This diet was 40 per cent fat and contained high fructose corn syrup (toxic). The mice were also forced to become sedentary, which mirrors the lifestyle of many Americans today (and other races, too). Within four weeks, the mice started to display an increase in liver enzymes, which signifies liver damage and the start of glucose intolerance. So, as you can guess, that’s a key indicator for developing type 2 diabetes.

Then, in Sweden, published results of a study with 18 healthy and slim adults who ate fast food and restricted their physical activity for a month. Weight gain was an average weight gain of 12 pounds, and in as little as a week, the increases in liver enzymes began. Fast food doesn’t cause liver damage, and the harm to your liver comes from eating too many calories, fat, and sugar. It could quickly occur if you eat too many burgers, fries, soda, and other fast food items. The main issue at hand here is the high caloric content.

It’s pretty easy to eat a fast meal containing your daily caloric needs (about 2,000 calories). That number is more calories than anyone needs. For adults and children, if you have indulged far too many times in fast food, you should take the necessary steps to reverse any damage to your liver and decrease any instances of type two diabetes. 

One: When you go out to eat, find healthy alternatives instead

Eat a burger without the bread buns, and eliminate the added extras, like cheese, bacon and high-caloric sauces. Instead, try grilled chicken, fish or a salad with baked potatoes. Drink water instead of soft drinks. 

Two: Keep your fast food meals to once a week only

Initially, it can be a hard habit, but your health is worth it. Fast food meals should be considered a treat and not feasible to eat daily. 

Three: Start increasing your activity

Take up a sport, move around more, go to the gym or get into group sessions. You must exercise regularly to help keep your weight under control and train your body to metabolise and process food. 

Four: Get regular blood tests

Check with your doctor just how those liver enzymes are doing. Then, why not have another test later on as you progress into your healthy eating plan to see just how much of an impact those good habits have on your health?

The same goes for kids. Ensure they, too, have regular checks. It’s never too late to start eating correctly and taking up some form of exercise — no matter what age. So, don’t be like my mum, who waited until she developed diabetes to change her lifestyle. Instead, change it now; stop the disease from occurring, so you don’t have to move towards the destiny of a possible cancer diagnosis.

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