Top Three Lifestyle habit’s Arnold Schwarzenegger Still Lives By at 74

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Look no further than those like Arnie, at 74, still fit, healthy and living an active life

I have admired Arnold since I was a young girl.
My mum and I would watch all his movies — and I was secretly obsessed with his body!
Perhaps it was a crush — but as a bodybuilder, I was fascinated with attaining muscle and being fit from a young child. So perhaps it was in the blood after all!
Years later, when I admitted to my friend that I had read something beneficial for her in my ‘Arnold body-building bible’, she laughed hysterically (she is not a fitness person whatsoever).
I don’t think she understood why I bought the book.
I mean, he’s a man, a muscular one and probably took a lot of different things to attain that body which isn’t in line with my preferences.
So this might be true, but there is always a method behind the results you see.
Usually, those methods are good old-fashioned techniques. So I appreciate that side of body-building.
I don’t worry too much about artificial enhancements — but I want to know the secret training methods behind all of that muscle — because men and WOMEN can use those specific techniques to build their bodies!
Another critical aspect of Arnold Schwarzenegger is that he’s a lot older now, and his exercise & nutrition habits would indeed have altered somewhat.
So, I wanted to check out what he’s up to and see how easily they could be integrated as a lifestyle habit — rather than just for building a muscular body.

One: Arnold Schwarzenegger has made training an essential part of his lifestyle

Arnold has admitted to being obsessed with training, which will never change. Arnold wants to work out until he dies & making the gym his fun place to be in.
Getting that pump is still essential to the 74-year-old.
It makes him feel good, and although Arnold finds it challenging now, he makes a point to hold onto whatever he has and just run with it.
Each day, Arnold starts with a workout, intending to maintain the strength and conditioning he has at his current age.
There aren’t any unrealistic expectations now — it’s running with Arnold’s limitations while eliminating any chances of injury.
Maintaining leanness by focusing on weight training and diet is very important.
What can we take from this
We’re all going to get old at some stage. Although I’m only 43 right now, I can feel the differences as opposed to my 30’s.
So instead of becoming angry or disheartened with our efforts and stamina — just run with it and do the best you can.
Do what’s within your power to stay lean and maintain your shape. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s words regarding age are an excellent lesson for us.
One day we, too, will be 74, and now we have to keep working at our capacity to maintain it as much as possible during each stage.

Two: Arnold loves his plant-based protein shake (especially after a workout)

I was taken aback when reading that Arnold respected the vegan way of life and ate this way.
In his body-building days, I often saw images of him with a big steak to eat!
After undergoing emergency open-heart surgery, I assume he’s learnt a lesson or two about food and its effects on your health!
So after that, Arnold modified his food and fitness routine.
Breakfast for Arnold consists of oatmeal, berries and walnuts. He also has a plant protein post-workout shake (containing chocolate, of course!).
Previously in an interview, Arnold said, “There’s a misperception that (animal protein) is the only way to get big and strong.” But these days, he feels much better when eating more greens. I couldn’t agree more!
Now, instead of consuming eons of meat, Arnold eats greens, vegetables and plant-based meats.
What can we take from this
I, too, was stuck with the misconception about protein. Eliminating animal protein would leave me deflated and fat.
When I began eating a vegan-based diet, I proved that I could still gain the same muscle building benefits from eating plant based protein.
However, I can see how the misconceptions grew from misinformation via the body-building industry.
But, as Arnold mentions, you feel much better when eating greens and tons of veggies!
So, it would help if you tried to experience it first-hand.

Three: He gives back all the time and spreads optimism, positivity & humour

Although he’s very successful, if you constantly view Arnold’s social media channels, you will see that he regularly spreads love to as many causes as possible.
From donating homes to veterans and posting funny videos, I feel he’s constantly keeping active by spreading positivity.
We don’t know to what extent Arnold helps others — but as you can guess, it would be much more than what we see. But one thing he regularly shows is positivity and humour.
You can’t have great health without the right mindset, spreading good vibrations, and being decent.
One thing I will always appreciate about Arnold Schwarzenegger is his wonderful personality.
This can teach us
Be a good sport, laugh and share your generosity. That could be tips or by someone you don’t know about coffee. We may not have Arnold’s multi-million dollar budget — but the smaller things matter to people.

Key take away

I have always appreciated the screen and personal life of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Although he’s not perfect, making the most by learning from mistakes and changing as needed because of age limitations, we can learn a lot from him.
Given that I still have the bible, there are many wonderful tips and tricks in terms of training. But the best tips come from his real life and the awesome content he produces.
What’s your favourite Arnold movie, and what do you like about him the most?

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