One Easy Activity, Per Week to Experience Health Benefits

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No matter how old you are, it would help if you did this one thing

Living a ripe, healthy old age seems more so unattainable than ever.
Each day I’m faced with reports of people as young as 26 with four-stage cancer — almost at their death bed.
When I look at how vulnerable the younger generation is today, how can we, as older individuals, expect a similar fate — more likely with a less than positive outcome?
Although we can be as healthy as possible by eliminating all of those culprit lifestyle habits and foods, there is never a guarantee.

What promotes longevity

Adding exercise to the lifestyle for longevityequation might be the missing piece of the puzzle.
Those with type two diabetes are four times more likely to develop cardiovascular disease than those who don’t have diabetes.
Exercise, it seems, makes a big difference towards returning your health.
Although, when I say exercise, there is a particular type which is most effective, and that’s the one you should do a lot more of.
To uncover the sweet spot for older individuals, a research team compared two forms of exercise.
One was resistance based, consisting of leg presses, extensions and lifts.
Second in line was on the cardiovascular side of the spectrum, based on the stationary bike.
Both groups indulged in low and high-intensity effort on a one-to-one (work rest) ratio.

What was uncovered from this research

Researchers formed three groups during this time.
One had type two diabetes.
Those who didn’t exercise and regularly exercised but did not have diabetes.
Exercise routines ran for 20 minutes, including warm-up, with seven one-minute, high-intensity efforts and a one-minute rest between intervals.
All the exercise individuals showed improvement in blood vessel function after resistant training.
Those with diabetes, though, had the most noticeable impact.

How older individuals with diabetes can benefit

Resistant exercise assists people living with diabetes a lot more.
It’s probably one of the greatest discoveries missing from older individuals’ lifestyles.
Resistant training has proven to be relatively easy to adapt and can be accommodated by individuals who are new to exercise.
This study shows that resistance-based interval training is time effective and great for those who want immediate effects.
Diabetes is a chronic and debilitating disease that can bring with it a multitude of other disadvantages.
My mother was later diagnosed with pancreatic cancer after years of battling type two diabetes.
Since this is a lifestyle-based illness, it makes perfect sense to begin exercising and eating well throughout your lifetime to bypass any chance that it may occur.
Do you lift weights regularly, and how has it changed your health and life?

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