Three simple ways to combat ageing through your food choices

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Your health is in the hands of what you eat — choose wisely

There is complete accuracy in the phrase “you are what you eat.”
Your lifespan results from what you eat daily—no doubt that.
These days, age-dependent diseases such as colon cancer are starting to manifest in adults as young as 20.

What happened here?

Well, I highly doubt it’s a potluck, but it is most definitely a result of bad lifestyle habits.
A simple range of dietary changes can lower your risk of colon cancer — but a whole range of diseases, including ageing.
Can food make such a profound impact on our life?
Yes, it sure can, and you must be in it to win it, my friends.
New and healthy habits are easy for us to form, and it takes a little time and effort to make the right choices and benefit from them for your entire lifespan.
Here is a compilation of simple yet highly beneficial ways to combat age-related diseases and cancers.

One: Reduce any instances of inflammation — including food culprits

Inflammation is a silent fire that’s burning within.
It keeps us out of sight, starts to materialise into cancers and diseases, and ages us substantially.
This inflammation could be low-grade but powerful enough to develop into a chronic illness.
Supplementing with Omega 3 or eating a diet rich in omega-three fats can help reduce inflammation markers.
Take your omega-three (food and supplementation) and a diet filled with various fruits, vegetables, whole grains and plenty of fibre.
Fruits and vegetables contain polyphenol, which also helps fight free radicals. So you can imagine how much of an impact eating wholesome food will have on your health.

Two: Try the Mediterranean way of life

I mention this diet because science has proven it works wonders for longevity, weight loss and disease elimination.
The Mediterranean way of life is very popular because it incorporates fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and healthy fats, such as avocado and olive oil.
Fish is incorporated in very small amounts, focusing primarily on plant-based sources.
You are also encouraged to have an odd glass of red wine.
A Mediterranean dietary program was praised for its impact on slow cognitive decline, which includes dementia and brain ageing.
So, if you want to lower your chances of these instances, I highly recommend incorporating these foods into your diet daily.

Three: Eat an abundance of all healthy foods & don’t rely on artificial supplemental versions.

It’s quite easy to start popping unnecessary pills without necessarily needing to.
Unfortunately, this is a downfall for many young and older adults.
Unless you have some deficiency, eating all your nutrients through good quality foods daily is best.
A diet filled with whole grains, nuts, vegetables, lentils and fruits has a significant impact on your health & longevity throughout your life.
It’s also very important for younger people to start adapting this mindset to eliminate their chances of developing early stages of disease and cancer.
All you should aim to do is limit your consumption of added sugars and processed foods and go easy on high levels of alcohol.
If you work out, perhaps some supplementation might be ideal, but if you are confused about where to start, seek the help of a nutritionist and your doctor first.

Key take away

What about skincare as you age?
Well, having a good skincare routine is important — but looking after your diet is much more beneficial over time.
Wear suncream, drink lots of water and add regular treatments with a professional.
Overall good health depends predominantly on diet and your mindset.
We all have niggles and days we don’t feel the best.
To overcome this, a level of positive mindset is required.
That should be very easy to maintain when you eat a great diet, have a laugh once in a while and keep striving for better health.
What has helped you maintain better health during your lifetime?

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