Banana Peels Can be Used in These Five Different Ways

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Don’t throw away your banana peels — they serve a purpose


I’m all for keeping the planet in good condition — that’s why I only buy what we need and manage to reuse a lot of our foods by freezing them.
But one thing I never suspected was how many ways you could use the humble banana peel!
I didn’t know they were safe to eat until someone on Medium told me — and highlighted their many uses!
For example, who would have known that something we throw away daily is better equipped to add to recipes and as a drink!
My first thoughts were — does it taste ok? What about the pesticide that the peel has?
Organic bananas are a better option; cleaning them thoroughly before cooking is essential. Other than those two small things, you’re ready to start cooking.
Since banana skin is filled with high levels of vitamin B16, B12, fibre, potassium, protein and magnesium, it’s well worth deciding if you’d want to apply this to your diet regularly.
So, next time you eat a banana, you want to reduce waste and use it. But first, thoroughly wash your skin and do one or more of the following:

One: Put it in your banana bread

Using the banana peel on top of your banana bread is one way of incorporating the skin.
Another interesting thing you might like is using banana flour as a substitute. Try swapping 10–15 per cent of your regular flour with banana flour.
It’s a great way to help add more nutrient value and fibre and protect you from diabetes and heart disease.
If you were contemplating the flavour of banana flour, don’t worry. Using such a small amount won’t spoil the flavour — it just helps increase banana bread’s health benefits.

Two: Drink it!

I don’t know how anyone can drink banana peel, but it’s not uncommon.
You could purchase banana peel tea (I’ve not heard of such a thing).
Banana tea helps to induce sleep and ease bloating due to its high concentration of tryptophan, magnesium & potassium.
Another great way to drink banana peel is to add it to smoothies.
However, I think a wise way would be to cut and freeze it for a creamy consistency.
If that’s too much for you, why not add some banana slices to hot water (add hot water, then cool it), and give that water to your plants when cool.
Banana water gives plants a bit of a potassium boost.
Plants need some vitamins, too, so they can grow and thrive. So why not give them some added nutrients too?

Three: Make it into vinegar

You need a lot of bananas for this particular recipe — so why not ask all of your neighbourhoods to save you their skins?
This kind of vinegar is sweet and sometimes a little on the bitter side.
Here’s the recipe.
Some people love this in a salad.
At the same time, others make banana peel into sauces. So here’s a recipe for you to try if you dare.

Four: Use it to soften the animal protein

Banana peel is wonderful at tenderising meats.
They add a banana peel to lean meat, while roasting helps retain the meat’s juices.
It works in conjunction with moisture and oils from the skin.
Now I know why many people use banana wrappers for cooking their foods worldwide! It must be a bonus with texture, flavour and tenderness.

Five: Fry them (air, not deep dry)

First, soak the skins in water, coat them with cornstarch and place them in your air fryer.
You can deep fry them, but that’s a very unhealthy alternative.
Use your air fryer instead!
Place a dollop of ice cream and maybe some melted chocolate on your banana chips.
Surprise your family members and see if they know it’s banana skin!

Key take away

I investigated banana skin because of the realisation of how much we throw away every day.
Bananas are the second largest fruit crop, with their skins accounting for 30–40 per cent of their total mass.
That’s about 3.5 million tons every year!
So, think again when you try to throw away your bananas and try one of these alternatives over the weekend.
It may become the most delicious thing you’ve done all year!
Who eats banana skin, and how do you eat them?

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