You Need To Try This Wonderful Coffee If Suffering From Sensitivities

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Did you know that different kinds of coffee can affect your gut health?

Having digestive issues as well as indigestion can affect my coffee-drinking habits.
Perhaps you may have noticed that some brews of coffee can set you off in either direction.
On rare occasions, I don’t experience any symptoms — although they aren’t uncomfortable enough for me to give up coffee!
How can anyone give up coffee? Perhaps it’s a lot more essential for some than others.
Your doctor may have warned those with gastric ulcers to eliminate coffee indefinitely. Coffee is very acidic and contains caffeine, which can enhance this condition.

What type of coffee should you try?

Some people have (thank goodness!) reported a particular brew of coffee seems to give them the caffeine hit needed without the debilitating symptoms.
Here I’m talking about cold brew.
It’s not the same as iced coffee.
Iced coffee is still hot and cooled down via the ice in your cup, so the beans have been heated to high temperatures.
But cold brew is a little different. It’s created from seeping coffee grounds in water, with temperatures between 68–77F, between 8–24 hours.
If you have tried the two combinations, you will notice the extremely heightened flavoursome difference in the cold brew compared to your regular iced coffee.
I can taste the notes within the coffee beans as well as a lower level of acidity.
Conflicting studies show that cold brew has a lower concentration of certain acids than hot coffee. And then other reports highlight that both the PH levels of hot coffee and cold brew are very similar.
If you are like me and have digestive troubles and reflux when it comes to tolerating different types of coffee (especially hot coffee), it’s a good idea to try the cold brew.
Then, you might be able to tolerate it and start adding coffee back into your lifestyle (if you enjoy it, that is!).

What symptoms should you expect?

Symptoms of cold brew will vary according to each individual’s sensitivity.
Unfortunately, some individuals find that caffeine in coffee can cause gastrointestinal sensitivities — rather than the acid profile.
If you switch from regular coffee to cold brew, it may cause even more heightened gut responses. Perhaps it’s the sweetener you use in the coffee.
To uncover the actual cause of your gut response, it’s important to eliminate each thing, starting with the kind of milk you use and then the sweetener.
Perhaps it might be a cause of having less coffee daily rather than eliminating it.
However, this is the angle I’ve taken, and I opt for green tea at work, so I don’t have uncomfortable side effects within an office setting!
There are some benefits if you want to head down the cold brew road.
The cold brew contains compounds like antioxidants and polyphenols in higher concentrations. Perhaps this might become your go-to coffee in the summer months.
Do you love cold brew, and where do you buy yours?

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