Five Foods You May be Eating That Lower Your Metabolic Rate

Frying spring rolls in oil

Certain foods as treats might hinder your metabolic rate

We all have the potential to fire up our metabolism by making confident food choices and being vigilant with exercise.
Food, drink, lifestyle and exercise significantly impact how much body fat we burn for energy, as opposed to how much we store.
If you want to attain better health, eliminate diseases and lose weight, your food choices will play the most significant part in achieving this goal.
However, what you still eat now might also affect your results.
It’s essential to be well informed of certain nutritional habits that may have contributed to your health and that altering them will help you change your life — and body shape.
So, if you’ve been at odds with what might be causing a weight loss plateau or perhaps starting right now to change your life, these will help guide you in a successful direction.

Eating foods that are fried

Although it may be tempting, think about how much oil is absorbed by the food frying in boiling oil — not to mention the exchange of lipids with the frying oil.
Fried foods eaten regularly usually results in a higher intake of high energy-dense food, and unfortunately, it’s not very high on the satiety list either.
These low-satiety foods also have minimal ability to stimulate leptin and insulin production.
Leptin is a critical hormone that indicates when you are full. If there is no nutrient value, the signalling is not only poor but also minimal; you can be sure to consume more calories and possibly doubly exceed your daily intake.
Doing this daily will increase your body fat dramatically and lower your metabolism.
If you love fried food, I recommend buying a good-quality air fryer to get the same consistency with minimal calories.

Using the wrong oils

Refined oils like soybean, sunflower and vegetable oils are high in omega-six that has a high probability of increasing insulin and leptin resistance.
The problem is that these oils are used in most takeaway foods because they are cheap.
Most restaurants and food outlets are not too concerned about the health impacts it has on you — more so about what allows them to profit instead.
The American Journal of Clinical nutrition reminds us that omega-three-rich olive oil, flaxseed and canola oil are more resistant to oxidation and less resistant to insulin and leptin.

High fructose drinks and foods

Stay away from anything that contains high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).
High fructose corn syrup is toxic to your health and can lead to liver problems. Fructose differs from glucose.
Fructose does not stimulate insulin secretion, leading to energy intake and weight gain. So try to avoid all soda and energy drinks, as well as packaged juices, biscuits, cakes and anything else that’s processed and usually found on a shelve.
Become vigilant in checking your nutritional labels before purchasing.

The wrong kind of grains

Whole grains like oats, barley, quinoa and wheat are excellent sources of healthy carbs and high in fibre.
The problem lies in the refined variety, as it’s stripped of any beneficial fibre.
The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study comparing two groups’ metabolism.
Those two groups consisted of refined grains and whole foods.
The whole-grain group lost up to a total of 100 calories per day due to a combination of increased resting metabolic rate and better bathroom trips.
To increase your metabolism, stick with whole-grain varieties as often as possible.
Swapping out these food alternatives with healthy varieties will completely change your life.
In a matter of weeks, your brain fog will disappear, & you will start to gain more energy and notice your body shape-changing.
Perhaps you might indulge in a few fried food alternatives along with your weight loss progression. Instead of using oil, try an air fryer.
Swap those unhealthy habits with new investments toward better health and weight loss.

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