One Scientific Hack That Powers Up Your Coffee Experience Even More

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One thing that can change your coffee-boosting experience — but you may prefer something else!

Life begins for me when I have my first coffee.
As an early starter — coffee begins in the morning as my pre-workout.
It’s early, so I need all the help I can get to get my brain and body working again.
As you age, it tends to get more challenging to oil the wheels now and again. But a good strong coffee does help.
Many studies have been conducted on the benefits of coffee, from reducing cancer risk by 20 per cent to type-two diabetes risk and Parkinson’s by 30 per cent. We’re doing well with our daily coffee habit.
But, there does come the point where too much of a good thing may not work either.

The art of elimination

Does that mean we have to lower or even eliminate our coffee drinking?
The thought of that breaks my heart.
Coffee is great and beneficial — but only if you don’t drink too much simultaneously, day in and day out.
Science says that neurotransmitters build up in your body throughout the day, bringing on feelings of sleepiness.
Any amount left over of adenosine left in your brain upon waking may be the key reason you struggle to get up in the morning.
Caffeine blocks adenosine from connecting with the brain receptors.
When that fails to occur, we feel hyper-alert and awake. When that binding ceases to occur, the body instantly recognises this and starts the mission of creating more receptors.
Research has shown that if you drink coffee three days a row, your adenosine, muscarinic and nicotinic receptors start to diminish.
When you get more receptors, you need more coffee to start yourself daily!
At some point, coffee becomes a means to eliminate that dreaded caffeine withdrawal headache. Being highly caffeinated daily becomes a way of life for you!

Too much of a good thing also hinders our training

The diminishing effects of caffeine can also show themselves during sporting performances.
For instance, a study conducted over 20 days showed that cyclists increased their cycling power on the first 15 days of ingesting coffee daily.
Cyclists first day seemed to have the biggest boost. But, when those receptors began to grow out of control, their performance began to diminish!
I can relate to that back in my body-building days!

Here’s what you need to do

But not all is lost, my coffee-drinking friends. We can reverse the number of receptors — but only when we become extremely strong and give caffeine a break for seven days.
A seven-day caffeine fast will reset your receptors back to their normal state. You will only need as much coffee as you once did.
It may be beneficial to do this once a month, at the beginning of the month.
Does that seem like a very gruelling task for some of you?
I’m open to the challenge here -although I don’t find I need too much coffee these days — It’s still good to give yourself a reboot once in a while.
I’m just not too keen on the headaches!
A caffeine fast will help maximise the effects coffee brings — alertness, a brain boost, and that overall, feel-good mood coffee seems to create.

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