Six Simple Morning Habits For Increasing Your Muscle Building Potential

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Following some guidelines every day will help you achieve your muscle-building goals

The best plan of action to achieve your goals is to start your day right from the moment you open your eyes.
The proper steps upon waking up will help increase your chances of achieving those hard-earned muscle-building goals.
Some of these tips might be familiar, and it’s still a good idea to bring them back into your awareness of how necessary those small things are — as they always lead to bigger and better outcomes.

One: Follow the caloric surplus theory with minimal fat gain

To build muscle, you must increase your caloric intake. That should not put you in a position to add extra body fat.
When planning a meal, I discuss good, healthy food choices.
Breakfast isn’t always necessary, but eating a nourishingly rich ‘first meal’ to start your day is very important.
Spreading the necessary food during the day will help you achieve your goals while sustaining your energy and stamina.

Two: Drink coffee

I can’t live without my morning coffee — and neither should you!
A strong black coffee before your session should set you up for a power-filled and productive workout — if you train in the morning.
Aim for around about 250mg every morning because it raises your muscle awareness to perform.
It’s no surprise that caffeine increases your motivation to perform well.
If you find sleeping hard in the evening, try not to drink caffeine after 3 pm — saving it for your morning motivation.

Three: Wake up at the same time every day

Building a sleep and awake routine is very important.
If we alternate these times regularly, our energy begins to lag, and we might feel disorientated.
Perhaps I’m referring to myself here, but I feel like a mess without proper sleep and a wake-up routine.
Setting yourself up for success requires some regularity, such as when to eat, exercise and work.
In addition, researches indicate it helps our sleep quality — which is very important for building muscle and staying lean.

Four: Eat enough protein

Although lifting the necessary weight is essential for building muscle, we also have to ensure we eat enough protein during meal times.
Start your day by eating the most protein early on.
Perhaps that’s an omelette or a protein smoothie with oats. Ensure that you have protein first thing in the morning, then again during snacks and all meal times.
You want to keep hunger steady during the day and balance your energy levels before, during and after training.

Five: Make your meals

If you are on a mission to get leaner or build muscle — meal prepping is a must.
Eating out doesn’t give us the proper indication of our nutrient consumption.
For all we know, It could be a surplus of calories or insufficient.
Are they using the best quality ingredients, or is it filled with unnecessary sugars and ingredients which cause bloating?
You can easily bypass all these unnecessary situations by cooking and eating your meals — whilst saving one day a week to eat a well-deserved cheat meal.

Six: Drink enough water

Water is vital for weight loss and increasing muscle growth potential.
Every day, we lose water by sweating, breathing and exercising — which needs to be replaced for our bodies to repair and continue their daily functioning.
I like to drink water before training, during, and throughout the day.
Try to alternate between plain warm water and add some lemon and ginger as a cleansing alternative.
Setting up proper body-building routines is essential to achieving your goals.
When working full time, catering to your family and friends, there must be a plan of action, or you will lose that key focal point needed to drive you towards success.
Make sure you structure your workouts daily, get all meal prep and hydration in place, and allow time for sleep and relaxation.
It’s not going to be perfect every day, but having a plan of what you intend to do helps you reach far enough to make it happen despite the odds.

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