Two important protein rules made for muscle building women

Here are two simple protein rules to keep in mind when planning your meals

If you’re a fit, healthy and active woman, it’s essential to ensure your protein intake is at a range that will support all of your goals.

 Unfortunately, scientists have been neglecting the needs of women for too many years. We need to have optimal nutrition if we work on weight loss, muscle building and optimal health goals.

 A study conducted in Canada wanted to determine the protein needs for women to ensure optimal muscle recovery.  This is an important time for both men and women because recovery is when the muscle repairs and grows. This is when your hard work begins to show itself.

But the hard work will be wasteful if your nutrition is not at a suitable level.

 The results of this Canadian study showed that the minimum protein requirement for women is 1.41g per kg per day and a recommended intake of 1.71 grams per day. The study was based on High-Intensity sprint training, but the same protein intake was beneficial for strength-trained women.

 Here are two factors to keep in mind when sourcing your best protein

One: Be on the lookout for the highest quality protein

During this research task, the importance of eating animal protein was encouraged because it contains the highest range of amino acids.  But, you can still get your adequate protein intake from plant-based foods such as vegetables, plant protein powder, quinoa, soy, legumes and peas.  If you choose the plant-based way, there won’t be any need for paranoia when it comes to bad breath — which is very noticeable for anyone overeating meat.

Two: It’s best to spread the protein load throughout the day

The body is always in a state of gaining and losing muscle. No one can predict when this happens. Your best coat of armour is to eat protein during each of your meals — including snacks. They can range from nuts, protein powder, eggs, oats and even a green smoothie. There are so many alternatives for you to choose from, whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Three — Bonus tip: Intermittent fasting

I know most muscle building professionals are against fasting when it comes to building muscle — but I found it works wonders! The reason it’s so powerful is that you trigger HGH (Human Growth Hormone), which is responsible for muscle growth and fat burning. So if you are after a lean muscle type look, then this type of lifestyle plan will serve you well (without having to restrict the foods you adore).

 The main goal for anyone trying to change their body shape, become stronger and fitter — is to make losing muscle harder than ever.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long to lose it — but if you keep lifting those weights, eating well and adding in some rest days, you’ll be one step ahead of your goals every single day.

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