One Carb Source We All Love That Actually Helps Build Muscle

One Carb Source We All Love That Actually Helps Build Muscle

A plant source can be just as good as animal protein to build muscle

Can you believe your eyes right now? 

A just as powerful carb as milk can help us build muscle. I didn’t quite believe it until I read the whole research paper — but it’s certainly true! A form of potato protein can help vegans, vegetarians, and even meat-eaters gain the same benefits as those who predominantly use animal protein for its muscle-building potential. 

In the Netherlands, a Researcher at Maastricht University concluded that potato protein and animal milk protein share a similarity in amino acids, which affect muscle protein synthesis. This is our body’s way of making amino acids into skeletal muscle protein. After making this assumption, the researchers decided to put it to the test by conducting a double-blind study.

This study consisted of 24 healthy males aged 18–35. The study took place between the years 2018 and 2020. These participants were asked to exercise on a leg press and then were chosen to consume either 20 grams of Milk or potato protein. 

Researcher’s then measured how each of these protein sources affected muscle protein synthesis and surprisingly found that they were very similar. 

Taking 30 grams of concentrated potato protein increases muscle protein synthesis at rest and during recovery from exercise in healthy young men. Results did not differ from the milk-based protein, given in the same amount during the same time. Although this was a small-scale study, it does give the plant-based community (and perhaps those who would like to decrease their animal protein consumption) a push in the right direction. 

A study published in the Journal of Sports Medicine demonstrated the following conclusions upon comparing plant and animal-based protein supplementation. When building muscle through vegan protein, a plant-based diet consisting of whole foods and soy protein supplementation is just as beneficial as an animal protein diet supported with whey protein-added supplementation. 

Over 3000 participants with different dietary and exercise habits uncovered that no matter what source of dietary protein, everyone developed better musculoskeletal health. So, if you have always thought about increasing your plant protein consumption but are afraid it might play up your muscle-building gains , this can prove that making the switch doesn’t cause issues. You will benefit your health differently by shaving off some meat-based meals weekly. You don’t have to go cold turkey unless you want to. 

So, be on the lookout for a concentrated form of potato protein to add to your arsenal of powders to help you attain those muscle-building goals you aim for. If you are on a plant-based diet — what’s your favourite protein powder? 

Would you consider potato protein if it was available?

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