Eat Potatoes Without Weight Gain By Using This One Technique

Eat Potatoes Without Weight Gain By Using This One Technique

Yes, you heard right — and there is research to back it u

Controlling your dietary glucose is essential, especially for those more susceptible to diabetes.

Just think of how wonderful it would be to eat potatoes, knowing you wouldn’t get any blood sugar surges or be at risk of gaining weight.

I believe we’d all love to eat white potatoes regularly.

Prepare them the right way.

They are pretty delicious when you prepare them the right way. What If I told you that researchers had tested a technique that helps make our bodies digest potato starch more slowly? This team of brilliant potato lovers discovered two critical enzymes in our small intestine that help us slowly release glucose from potatoes.

Researchers realised this process’s success was due to pectin, creating a structure that acts as a barrier between starch granules and digestive enzymes.

That protective layer is porous, so this processing method allows the size of the pores to be controlled to moderate how quickly a-amylase can penetrate potato cells to degrade starch to small molecules.

This treatment sounds very technical, but without the therapy, enzymes move freely in and out of cells, and starch is quickly degraded by both enzymes and rapidly converted to glucose. Slow degradation of starch prevents that usual spike in glycemic and the complete conversion into glucose to meet our energetic and nutritional needs.

The technique I’m about to reveal doesn’t prevent potatoes’ digestion; instead, it slows digestion to avoid the usual rapid blood sugar increase.

That’s great news for anyone who has diabetes and misses potatoes and those who are dieting and want to avoid unnecessary weight gain. Before I go into the logistics, another benefit of this method is that it naturally helps you feel full for extended periods after eating potatoes, which is one characteristic of potatoes that do not usually occur!

Method for your potatoes

Step one: Cut potatoes into cubes, and blanch them in hot water for 30 minutes.

Step two: This is the annoying part because researchers applied a solution during the blanching process to cause that necessary reaction in the potatoes.

Don’t get as mad as I did because I found something else that doesn’t need solutions!

Putting potatoes in the fridge to chill and reheating them can have the same effect! Check out the difference from this screenshot below: 

Gluycemic index
Glycemic index

Image courtesy of the video “How to reduce the glycemic impact of potatoes.” It’s a pretty big difference.

But there is still an even better way to lower the glycemic index of white potatoes.

Do it by adding broccoli to your meal!

According to, co-consuming two servings of cooked broccoli with one serving of mashed potatoes lowers the immediate glycemic impact.

It significantly reduces the resulting acute insulin demand in healthy subjects!

The reduction is 40 per cent.

Here’s the video to detail this A short video on How to reduce the glycemic impact of potatoes via YouTube.

So, please watch this video, and find out the foods NOT to pair mashed white potato with.

Plus, there is a bonus of another ingredient.

You can have potato and white bread that helps balance our blood sugar surges.

This is valuable nutritional information for anyone trying to lose weight, balance blood sugar, or have type two diabetes.

Now, we don’t need to know what this solution is, after all, because we can manipulate our food accordingly to get the same results.

Have you tried this method, and how did you find it?

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