Two dangerous ingredients you eat daily which risks your health

Two dangerous ingredients you eat daily which risks your health

High fructose brings about health risks -and you might accidentally be consuming it in. your foods

If you are not too careful about reading food labels, you might be shocked when a health risk starts to manifest within your body. These days, most people are diagnosed with heart disease and diabetes or obesity — simply because of their dietary choices. One of the most common mistakes people make is the lack of awareness regarding hidden added ingredients that can and will put you in harm’s way. Glucose and fructose are toxic ingredients that increase your chances of developing a disease. Sugar disguised as fructose is your worse enemy. A majority of the fructose that you consume ends up in your liver. Too much fructose in the liver produces uric acid and fat in the form of triglycerides, which increases your chances of developing fatty liver, heart disease and gout. But, too much focus on fructose has left us unaware of the dangers glucose also imposes. A combination of glucose and fructose in high fructose corn syrup is worse than fructose on its own. Therefore, it might create some health disease risk factors if you regularly consume it. Researchers uncovered these startling findings comparing glucose with fructose increases your risk of heart disease and obesity. Metabolism Journal tested this assumption by examining the differences in health risk factors based on sugar types. Participants in this study drank beverages containing fructose, glucose and high fructose corn syrup — or an aspartame control. Blood analyses were taken from each participant to identify the risk factors for heart disease and diabetes. Researchers thought the risk would run high in fructose and lowest in glucose; high fructose corn syrup was considered somewhere between this range. Although this is what researchers saw for some risk factors — heart disease instances were elevated for high fructose corn syrup due to an interaction of fructose and glucose.

What consumers like you and I should realise

The choices that we make on a day-to-day basis concerning the foods we eat should not focus intently on fructose alone. Instead, we must look at how every food item consumed affects our bodies. How does it react when it’s in our body? Regrettably, sugar consumption is still rising and causing metabolic diseases unnecessarily. When making choices as a consumer, you must be aware of all ingredients in any products you purchase. Learning how to read nutritional labels is the first step — as well as becoming extremely vigilant of what all the ingredients mean (and how it affects your health). That’s the only way to make highly informed and positive choices that steer you away from metabolic diseases. It’s my dream to one day see nutritional labels and ingredient exposures taught to children when they are younger — and perhaps they might be able to tell their parents, relatives and grandparents a thing or two about nutrition. Self-awareness should start early on. The sooner we prepare ourselves with the proper knowledge, the better our nutritional decisions will become. Do you read labels, and what is your most significant ingredient, “no-no?”

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