If you are struggling to lose weight – do this one thing

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If your weight loss goals are not working, it’s time to cut those ties

I do understand the frustration of those who are unable to lose weight.
However, there is much more at fault here than a person’s willpower.
Sometimes willpower is not enough when battling a slower metabolism or hormonal battles.

If you aren’t getting results, then something is wrong

Usually, when someone can’t lose weight, something is going on internally — and not everyone can or will uncover the root cause. But, rest assured, there is something, and it’s not all a genetic factor.
Banging your head against the wall harder won’t give you more bright ideas and weight loss methods.
There is no real successful method apart from eating well and exercising.
When you have hormonal and blood sugar problems, we increase the level of complexity.
If you contemplated downloading your favourite personal trainer’s app, it might not help you either.
Since obesity is widespread, we need more effective and manageable treatments to control or eliminate heart disease and obesity.

These factors work for weight loss success

Few programs on the world wide web have vigorous evaluations or studies conducted.
Therefore, doctors can’t tell you what program to follow. What they can do is tell you the latest diets approved by science. For instance, the Mediterranean diet is probably what most doctors believe is the answer to your health problem.
However, what can they recommend to you when it comes to exercise? And how about habits and how to successfully achieve results?
Doctors are great, but they don’t know how to give you all of these answers (unless they have personal experience and an interest in nutrition and health)
Addressing the root cause of weight loss challenges is essential and something Dr Lutes, who conducted a study in Canada.
More than 370 participants were assigned to two groups. Half were part of a weight management program, whilst the other half went through a do-it-yourself program.
Those who followed the DIY program were given common weight loss approaches, like strategies, diet tracking, self-monitoring apps, meal plans and physical activity.
However, everyone in this group was left to their devices to lose weight successfully.
On the other hand, the commercial group attended weekly workshops with private weight assessments and discussed successes, problem-solving and topics related to weight loss and behavioural change.
Everyone had access to an app with minimal self-monitoring or intake, activity and weight, along with articles around the clock support and an online community.
One difference with this program is that self-monitoring was simplified and less of a burden to these participants.
They didn’t need to continually weigh, measure or track the 200+ foods. Overall, this became the most simplified process available.
After three and then 12 months, the groups had assessments.
Unsurprisingly, the group with the most support lost twice as much fat, including their waist circumference, by a much greater percentage than the DIY group.


Why did they have more success?

Although both groups did have positive results, from better sleep to lower blood pressure, the DIY group were very much on their own without guidance or advice when things got tough.
Our successful group had a wonderful weight loss outcome because the caches supported them.
Support also helped them continue maintaining weight loss management for 12 months or longer.
We can gather from this research that some people need support during the weight loss journey. Having someone to turn to that can help through tough times whilst also bringing awareness to anything negative or mistakes is the first key.
Our government must intervene, but we can put matters into our own hands.
My strong advice is that to supercharge weight loss, we all MUST follow some form of dietary and exercise plan. Having someone who will support us with guidance & advice is also very important.
A couple of personal trainers helped me through many things, pushing my success. If it weren’t for my trainers, I would never have become stage ready & performed well throughout my body-building career.
You don’t need a stage-ready body, but among the struggling, you can find an adequate weight loss coach to see you through it.
Don’t be afraid to part with some cash if it gets you to where you want to go.

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