Drink More Water In The Morning To Gain These Five Benefits

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Drinking more water – especially in the morning is a very beneficial ritual.
I know more people who drink less water than those who do.
Water is one of the most critical aspects of health, yet people seem to forget how vital it is to stay hydrated daily.
I have found that drinking water after I get up (on an empty stomach) is one of the most important rituals and best practices for my health. Not only that, it’s great for my skin and digestion.
It’s no surprise that 60 per cent of our bodies are composed of water.
Water is also needed to lubricate joints, regulate body temperature, transport nutrients, and excrete wastes from our bodies via urine or sweat. These are all pretty much the basics of our everyday life.
We also lose a lot of water naturally by breathing, going to the bathroom or sweating (both through exercise and heat).
Hot temperatures also bring our hydration levels down – so do specific medications. However, one almost certain thing is that drinking water each day is essential no matter what we do.
You can only drink water during the day because we all have to sleep for at least 7-8 hours.
So, you still lose a lot of water as you sleep (especially if you experience night sweats or have the air conditioning running). Therefore, drinking water first thing can be very beneficial for you.

Is water consumption necessary for a morning?

If you drink water first, it’s probably a habit you’ve built without much thought.
So naturally, we feel thirsty during the morning hours. So if you exercise in the morning as I do, you should consider hydrating to maximise your workout.
But hydration levels are required throughout the day – not only during the morning. Therefore, it’s essential to keep topping up your water consumption regularly.

Why you should drink water in the morning

It’s a very beneficial habit; you will start noticing a big difference once you begin.
For example, you could easily aim for a water quota to balance the rest of the day according to your initial consumption.
Here are some reasons you should aim to drink water as soon as you wake up.

One: It helps wake up your energy levels

Although cold water helps you wake up and clear those sleepy eyes – I prefer starting my day with warm/boiling water. Both preferences help replenish your body and quickly boost your hydration – especially if you intend to train in the morning.
Your joints, tissues and organs begin replenishing themselves with the needed fluid. It’s of absolute importance to get this process moving.

Two: Hydration straight after sleep

I don’t know about you, but I feel thirsty in the morning. As soon as I start drinking water, within about 20 minutes, I wake up and feel more like myself again.
Your mouth might be dry too, from a meal or if you had some alcohol. Air conditioning also dry’s your body too.
During these moments, getting some water into your body is essential to begin rehydration.

Three: Gets the metabolism moving again

Water during the day has the benefit of stimulating your metabolism.
Cold water is especially beneficial when it comes to triggering thermogenesis. So, if you can handle an icy glass in the morning to boost your metabolism, go ahead.
But note that this option is available throughout the day and is not subject to any particular time. Our metabolism is naturally boosted through the things we drink, eat and any activity we do.



Four: Helps digestion 

You may have many problems during a bathroom trip without drinking enough water.
Constipation not only makes you feel heavy, but it’s also a very uncomfortable feeling.
Usually, regular constipation is a big sign you are not drinking enough water (or eating enough fibre, for that matter!). 
That’s why I drink warm water every morning (and regularly during the day), as it helps break down the food you’ve eaten faster than cold water.
So, if you have trouble going to the bathroom, use this little warm water hack regularly and see if it makes a difference.

Five: It mellows your appetite

One of the benefits of drinking more water is it helps you control your hunger – especially when you can’t get to food or are using fasting as a lifestyle choice. It’s one of the easiest methods to eat less.
Start by drinking a couple of glasses of water before you eat – and I guarantee you will not be able to finish what’s on your plate.
Sometimes we can also confuse hunger with dehydration. So, just in case, I would drink water before a meal and save myself the extra calories I don’t need.

Key takeaways

Although drinking water in the morning is a great idea, having enough water throughout the day is more important.
Don’t wait until a specific time to drink. Instead, keep spreading your water consumption (like protein and food) during the day.
For example, if you drink a lot of coffee, supplement that with a couple more glasses of water.
Use the method of drinking cold water regularly to boost your metabolism.
Then, try warm water if you have trouble going to the bathroom. I highly recommend that if you have digestive issues as well.
What are some of your hydration habits that may benefit others?


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