Six Tips From a Doctor For Those Struggling With Weight Loss

Tips From a Doctor For Those Struggling With Weight Loss

These down and dirty tips from a doctor may help others who are also struggling with weight loss

Usually, diets work for a given number of months due to their restrictive nature and our innate enthusiasm to try something new. But, after a specific amount of time, our spirits start to wane, and a slice of chocolate cake looks much more enticing to eat daily. 

You aren’t alone—many men and women suffer, mostly in silence and frustration. Calories in and out are much more complex than we initially believed. Think of it this way: a salmon steak’s caloric and nutritional value might be as high as that of a cheeseburger from McDonald’s. But. 

They do not provide the same health benefits (apart from the taste or craving aspect!). Dr JoAnn Manson, MD, chief executive of the division of preventative medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, shared some beneficial tips with TODAY on why losing weight is so difficult. 

What happens when you cut calories over the long term

You have undoubtedly experienced this while cutting the calories from every meal.

Gradually, you eat less and less (and probably exercise more), slowing your metabolism. The first few months are sweet—you lose a bit of water weight and maybe some fat. Give it a year or so, and then your weight begins to climb higher despite eating the same number of calories. 

The impact of eating unhealthy food over the long term

Unhealthy food increases our chances of weight, but we mess with our intricate hormones and gut health. That impacts our entire body — including our mindset and clarity of thought.

Higher caloric and processed foods almost always provide no nutritional value -and we can start consuming mountains full of the stuff. Did you notice that if you tried eating a plate full of salad, you couldn’t get through the whole sitting? That’s because of the highly different nutritional makeup of these two combinations. Refined carbs and sugars will never fill you up, leading you to eat more food anyway.

But over time, that consumption will lead to weight gain. Plus, it will not do your health much good, either! Processed foods also change your gut microbiome, leading to the bad guys multiplying.

Eating various plant-based foods or using the Mediterranean diet is more beneficial for your health and weight loss goals. 

The following five food choices will put you ahead of the rest regarding weight loss.

One: High-fibre foods like beans, whole grains and any legumes.

Two: Protein sources from a plant-based variety and seafood (eliminate eating meat too often). 

Three: Fruits that are lower in the GI range, like berries. Make it a habit to eat more veggies than fruits. 

Four: Fats like avocados, olive oils, and the naturally apparent oil in fish sources.

Five: Non-starchy veggies; anything is taken out of the ground. All vegetables have a place in your household.

You will lose weight and feel fabulous by adapting to these simple food choices. However, consider the differences from a mental health aspect, too.

For example, eliminating processed foods will stabilise your blood sugar, leading to fewer fluctuations in your mood and also helping you to increase your energy levels. Eating healthy doesn’t mean deprivation because you can still allow the flexibility to have a treat now and again. That will help you ease any prospects for binge eating. Just make sure you don’t eat these foods all the time. 

Don’t forget how crucial exercise is in your overall plan for weight loss.

You can lose weight without it, but exercise is critical for health and longevity. In addition, exercising will avoid any loss in lean muscle mass, which increases your odds of gaining weight as you age. Muscle mass helps boost your fat-burning potential and leads you to maintain a healthy body throughout your lifetime. 

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