Four Simple Ways to Boost your Performance for More Success

Boost your Performance for More Success

These methods will help anyone climb a lot higher at any given performance level

 I intend to go places and experience life at the highest levels possible. Wanting to succeed is something we have every right to attain, yet most don’t believe within themselves enough to chase our dreams. It requires a lot of mental training and a burning desire to want something badly enough — that no matter what, you keep going. Back before I decided to live a life of intent, I was constantly sidetracked by adversities that came my way. It was like a stop-start motion. Something would happen to hinder my progression. That something was me! The problem with hindering your progress is that you don’t realise it until a higher level of self-development starts to manifest in your life. For example, I began to change my mindset when I lost my first business. Although there were a lot of obstacles that caused the eventual closure when I look deeply enough, I think that perhaps if I had an altered mindset, it would have worked in the end — maybe not as I wanted it to. Problems come in situations and people who drift through our lives. We can either see it for what it is or become the victim of circumstances. To rise above the inevitable circumstances around you, it’s essential to keep these four high-level performance tactics in mind. They will serve you well throughout your lifetime, in business or personal settings.

One: Start building a mastermind success group — quietly

Hanging around people who aim for success and those you can model accordingly will impact your professional and personal life. When you see people achieving so much success, their mere association helps you adapt and grow to higher levels than you are currently at. The trick is to use modelling (in a quiet sense). How do these individuals decide on the business or line of profession which sets them apart? How do their daily routine and goal-setting strategies look? What’s their attitude like when the going gets tough or when they lead? These instances can help you uncover the necessary habits or traits that can put you on the same wavelength towards success. It doesn’t matter how much money they make; that’s only a minimal determining factor — although people who expect and run their life at a higher level naturally seem to attract more money and opportunities. I’m very grateful to be within a high-performing team, including management and director-level individuals I can easily emulate. Not all of them possess beautiful traits, but somehow, their performance and success seem to offset the somewhat harsh approach a few use. While it’s great to be able to pick up these traits, only model what you are comfortable using. Listen to what others around you say, and consider that. Model high-powered individuals will always excel in one area and fail in others. So work on those failings and enhance your good points.

Two: Build a stress relief buffer

We all experience stress at different levels, and we should still build some stress relief strategies we can implement daily. Some people can get away with a great workout, yoga or meditation, whilst others insist on spending time hiking or being amongst family. Whatever that may be for you, start building that buffer by working on those stress relief aspects daily to be well equipped when the levels increase. Stress can come on suddenly and mess up your sleep, health and personal life. Take stock at that time of what’s truly important to you. It may be family, friends or your furry pets. Step back and begin to breathe deeply, walk in nature or just lay down and close your eyes. I love to take a walk during my lunch break and feel the sunshine on my skin. These contribute to my overall happiness and eliminate stress almost instantly. 

Three: Limit yourself to only the most essential things on your to-do list

 A to-do list can bog you down with unnecessary stress, which leaves you less time for the items which have a higher impact on your job or business. We all want to do as much as possible, but too many things can lead us to failure. We must learn to delegate unimportant tasks or anything someone else can do for us. Maybe that’s outsourcing at a cost. But the price will be much higher if you do that meal task when another person can do a better job. Leaving yourself open and receptive to the money-making parts of your job is essential. So please give them the highest priority over anything small and unimportant. For instance, updating your website might cost you less, but think of the impact on other parts of the business only you can do, generating income. Always place high-level tasks with the most significant impact over small, minor and unimportant ones. Then, clear your plate, and let others take responsibility for them.


Four: Go to bed at the right time every night

Many people, including myself, underrate sleep! I will shave off time dedicated to sleep to finish one more task or chapter I am reading. Drinking more coffee won’t help you stay awake; it will decrease your efficiency. I have had many instances of falling asleep while working on my computer. It just increases the time necessary to perform a task. Usually, the straightforward job is then filled with unnecessary errors. Sleep boosts your performance and energy and clears your mind. Ariana Huffington places significant importance on rest and sleep. It’s the one thing that will help you get through the day in your peak state. In addition, sleep helps to clear your brain of all that waste buildup — which helps increase your longevity. Sacrifice that clean sweep; over time, you will inflict unnecessary health problems.


Key take away

Actual performance is all about increasing your efficiency, not your to-do list. Tackling the most important and necessary tasks whilst keeping your stress under wraps and sleeping are some of the most basic yet dismissed steps towards peak performance. Keep tabs on those close to you, and make sure they help move you forward instead of holding you back. Anyone who inflicts negativity into your life should be dismissed immediately. These little things either lead you to greatness or perform at a very mediocre level.

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