How Lying About This One Thing Can Help You Take Control of Your Time

Sometimes a little lie can be a good thing

I didn’t know I was doing this one thing until someone mentioned the strategy on a podcast. This is something I’ve been doing for as long as I can remember, with great success — and I must share it with anyone who finds it hard to arrive at appointments on time. If you are constantly late to appointments with friends and professionals, I guarantee it will piss them off. Once may be acceptable, but do it several times; you run the risk of being tardy and irresponsible. If you have children, this works so well. Just make sure they don’t catch on that you are lying. My daughter no longer believes me — as a teenager, she caught on years ago. But I haven’t failed just yet as she’s started doing the same thing as well! From my own experience, it’s a strategy that makes sense to anyone — even teenagers. If you want to take control of your time — because time is precious and short-lived, then you need to create something called a “time buffer.” 

Here is a breakdown of what I do

Step one: I set up an appointment (doctor, hairdresser, shopping trip etc.) Step two: I block in a start and finishing time — if it’s a first in, first-served type of business, I set the time anyway. Step Three: I always add at least 45–30 minutes ahead of the appointment for a so-called “buffer time.” Step Four: The outcome means we arrive at the meeting early, without shouting, tears and tantrums Step Five: Mum or guardian is a lot more relaxed, kids feel great as they made it on time, and everyone is happy. I might have time for a coffee too! If you naturally run late, you need to force yourself to add a buffer ahead of your appointment. This will help you slowly train yourself to get ready early and ensures less stress and more time for you. Although imprinted into your subconscious mind, this concept is probably something you already do. If this is the case — it was well done! As an early bird to all of my appointments, I tend to experience stress and anxiety when I’m late. I’m not too pleased when professionals run late or take me to an appointment later than the scheduled time. I get pretty annoyed. Everyone’s time is worth a slab of gold these days. If we all added a buffer to every appointment, life would be a lot easier, and we’d finally take back some precious minutes for ourselves. Try out your buffer alternative for anything involving kids. I guarantee the stress levels you experience during an outing will become a thing of the past. As Napoleon Hill always says, “It’s the little things that lead us towards failures or success.” Such a small thing like this can change your life for the better. 

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