Bravery begins by listening to your heart – how to find it again

Brave acts begin within ourselves

I once thought bravery was performing grand acts for another. Or you were protecting one from harm while putting your own life at risk. That’s probably what a lot of us believe to be true. Bravery is a lot deeper than I initially thought — probably than what most of us believe. It starts within ourselves first and foremost. Complete honesty with oneself at all times is the highest form of bravery. 

Think of it this way, are you brave enough to admit the following things?

  • That you are unhappy in your relationship and need to walk away
  • That you are not satisfied with your weight and know you are overeating
  • You don’t speak up when treated unfairly
  • Are pushed into doing things you don’t want to

Usually, we go through life denying the obvious  — even though the world around us can see the problem. One day, we’re shaken out of our routine, only to awaken from a so-called dream that we thought was our life. When in fact, it’s was our life, but in the form of someone else’s idea. The need to be accepted, loved, and protected plays a factor in sacrificing our wants and needs to please someone else. We do this for our parents, partners, children and whoever else we hold in our hearts.

  • The change will put an end to the cycle.
  • A brave act brought about the change.

The very act of change says you won’t accept being unhappy anymore. It’s taking charge of your life and becoming responsible for your destiny. Do you know how many people are scared to take this pathway? Yet, there are countless women I’ve spoken to who have put their dreams aside for the sake of others. Then when the end of life draws near, they wonder, “what if.” What if their life took another turn that had the potential for true happiness? Happiness is being brave enough to chase after your dream, despite what others think or say about you. 

Becoming brave enough to turn your back will change your life.

  • Be brave enough to ask for help
  • Be brave enough to end a relationship
  • Be brave enough to turn away from abuse

What brave act are you going to start working towards now?

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