Eliminate weight gain, bloating & mood swings by altering your bacteria

The type of bacteria in your gut determines your health

Our gut isn’t just a storehouse of waste, ready to eliminate on demand. It’s linked to our immune system, mental health, mood, skin conditions and can cause cancer. We have about 300–500 different species of bacteria living in our digestive system. Some are beneficial for our health, whilst others can be extremely harmful. Suppose we happen to have a variety of good bacteria. In that case, we can improve many aspects of our health, such as our immunity, the condition of our skin, ease depression and moodiness, as well as maintain our weight. 

If you suspect a damaged gut, you might experience the following symptoms

One: Your weight seems to fluctuate

This could either be an increase or decrease in weight — without any changes to your diet or exercise regime. If your gut becomes imbalanced, absorption of nutrients can become impaired. Regulating blood sugar becomes an issue — and we can begin to store fat. Either way, both symptoms may cause distress because of the health implications they might cause. 

Two: A regular upset stomach

Do you experience gas, bloating, constipation or diarrhoea? These could all be a sign of your gut bacteria becoming imbalanced. On the other hand, healthy guts seem to have the ability to process food and eliminate waste without too many stomach disturbances. 

Three: You have food intolerances

Food intolerances happen when we have difficulty digesting particular foods. It can cause poor quality bacteria in our gut, difficulty digesting the trigger foods, gas, bloating, stomach pain, nausea and diarrhoea. Lose Body Fat & Stay Lean While Still Eating Your Carbs — By Doing This One ThingIf you love carbs — then use this technique to eat them often and still stay leanmedium.com 

Four: Autoimmune disease

The health of our gut governs the immune system. If our gut is unhealthy, it can increase inflammation and alter the usual functioning of our immune system. This can trigger autoimmune disease, and our bodies begin to attack themselves rather than the invader. 

Four things you can do to bring your gut back to health

One: Eat slowly and mindfully

Mindful eating will help you break down those food particles, making it easier to digest and absorb your nutrients. Then, when you take the time to chew, you give your brain enough time to register that it’s full — and prevent overeating. Overeating or eating too much can cause stomach upsets and gas. 

Two: Alter your diet

If your gut is inflamed, ridding your diet of refined, processed and high sugar foods will stop feeding the toxic bacteria. Instead, eat plant-based meals with a portion of lean protein and some healthy fats to help increase the good bacteria in your gut. In addition, the fibre in plant-based foods helps increase the good bacteria in your gutHow One Nerve Can Stop You From Losing Weight And Mess With Your StomachIf you are finding it hard to lose weight, you need to know about this nervemedium.com 

Three: Eat high fibre foods

Add oats, bananas, berries, asparagus, legumes and leeks into your diet to improve your gut. (green bananas are great for increasing the good bacteria in our gut). 

Four: Try eating more garlic and onion

Both garlic and onion contain compounds that feed the good bacteria in the gut. This helps to maintain a healthy gut microbiome. Add onion and garlic to your meals, and be on the lookout for any gastrointestinal symptoms. I have found that baking garlic and onions help me to digest them and causes less gas and bloating. 

Our gut health is dependent on a lot of things — not just the food we eat. It’s also essential to ease our stress levels, exercise, sleep well and practice proper nutritional habits. Sometimes the impact of the food we’ve had for many years can manifest itself into trouble as we age. Therefore, It’s essential to instil the necessary dietary habits when we’re young, to become less inclined to experience gut problems later on in our lives. If you would like to read more articles like this or start writing your own, please sign up via my link. I’d love to see you on the other side. Sign up here for your medium subscription. I get a portion from your monthly fee at no extra cost to you, and it will go a long way in supporting me as a writer. 

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