Four Pleasant Reasons Why You Are Finding Money Lying Around

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This has happened too many times in my life to be a coincidence

I randomly found money lying on the street during the last couple of years. I often wondered why I had suddenly been “blessed” with cash sitting there, ready for me to pick it up. But I often dismissed it as a one-off or a “fluke”. Then today, out of the blue, I came across a $20 bill while walking my dog. Not much, but a fair amount to start me thinking, “What does this mean on a spiritual level?” I don’t know what it means, but I was more than willing to find out what google could produce. And in my search for meaning — as I always do, rather than focusing on health, I decided it was time to venture down the “spiritual rheum” for a little while. Perhaps there is some meaning for those interested or who have found some cash lying around. Surely it can’t be a coincidence after the eight-time. I have been through enough to know that a message has a meaning — whether it’s a person’s words or finding a $20 bill in the most unlikely places. 

One: My abundance reminder

Finding money can trigger our realisation that there is an abundance of it around us — we just haven’t found a way to grab hold of some. This is bizarre because as I was reading the news online, I found an article about a man who lost his job during covid and found his own online digital business. He sells courses and digital products, working only 5 hours a week! When I read this, I thought, “If this guy can do it, why can’t I.” But, first, I must determine what I should sell in digital form. What would work five hours do for you? I know it could do a lot for me;

  • I could start donating my time and expertise towards some passionate charitable causes
  • I would be around all the time for my daughter and spend precious time with her
  • I would enjoy a bit more sleep regularly
  • I would take more holidays
  • I would not have to worry about paying bills again
  • I wouldn’t ever have to torture myself with 9–5
  • I would sit and rest on the beach if I chose to

The list is endless, and taking control of your time and being free is one of the most positive things we all have a right to experience now, only in our breadcrumb years as retirement looms. 

Two: You are valuable and valued

This is a huge one — because I don’t see myself as being of that much value — as opposed to someone else. Sadly, we consider ourselves lesser than others — when we’re all pretty much the same. Do you feel you are “enough”?  What about money — do you have enough or feel deserving enough for more? Perhaps finding money is a small glimmer of trust that we deserve more worthy, and it appeared out of nowhere just for us. How lucky we are that the universe is sending an exchange of energy our way so we can start to have faith in ourselves? You are valuable and worthy of more. So why aren’t we asking for something better and aiming higher? We are all worthy of more in our lives. Isn’t it about time we started to believe it too? 

Three: You don’t walk this life alone

When my mum died last year, I often felt alone (and I still do). It’s tough when you lose someone you love so much. She was my rock, and the worst part of the journey is I saw her deteriorate from cancer. I don’t share the details with others because it’s painful for me, and I believe it was my destiny at the time, and I had to transition through the pain to move through another form. I was unexpectedly shocked to find money on the ground and thought that maybe the universe wanted to send me a reminder that I am not alone after all. I believe we are being guided along through life — although we may not consciously think it at all times. I’m probably thinking about how much work I have to do and how far behind I am in my assignments! Life can be challenging, and there are still moments I have a good cry. I don’t believe I allowed myself the time to mourn my mum enough. But grief never leaves us — that’s what I’ve experienced. It just occurs less often and during a moment of soul gesturing. Something higher and more expansive than ourselves wants us to know we can have abundance and live a whole life if we choose to — and that’s where I’m heading. 

Four: Are you noticing everything around you?

It’s pretty easy to notice some money lying on the ground — but what about the things that aren’t so obvious? What about money-making opportunities or signs drawing you into something that could be an abundance winner? I am bringing this back to the article I read about making digital products in the morning. But this also takes me back to when I was drawn to a writing course on Medium. When I saw the sales video, and my curiosity peaked enough to think about buying the course, I was reluctant (as anyone would be). The amount of money was enormous for me at the time, but something inside me said, “just do it — you need to do this.” So I went ahead and listened this time. I trusted the voice. When you don’t listen to your inner voice, it leaves you in a puddle of regret down the track. Fast forward to now, I’m writing for Medium all the time, enjoying my therapeutic outlet and finally doing something that scared me — because I never thought I was good enough for the platform. There is also the smaller factor of making money. It’s been so good. I’m eternally grateful for the universal push to go through the course. I wouldn’t be here otherwise. So I agree that we must notice those things, be it messages or little nudges moving us towards our destiny perhaps a little bit faster. The question is, are you listening to those minor signs, or are you dismissing them? 


If you wonder what I did with the money — I gave it to my teenager. See, I am a believer in giving and receiving. Today, I met with an older neighbour who fell previously. I helped her home until the husband arrived. My inner voice told me that she should see a doctor — and I voiced that to her, despite the “listen to this crazy lady” thoughts that may have run through her mind.  Perhaps that’s what this woman needed today — a push in the right direction to take her health issues a little bit more seriously. Anytime I have shared my heart, attention, and money with others, I’ve received an abundance of goodwill back. I can’t explain it — but I know it’s an exchange of positive energy. You receive what you give out, good or bad. I choose to spread good, one person at a time and give thanks. This is a straightforward way to enrich your life. I urge you to give something of yourself once per day and see what that does to enrich your life. You will be pleasantly surprised! 

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