Keep your brain sharp as you age with one activity every day

Keep Your Brain Sharp As You Age With One Activity Every Day

No one want’s to talk about ageing and how it can affect our brain health

It’s a fact — we’re all going to get older, and even if you are in your teens or twenties — it will happen to you one day. I didn’t give two hoots about the future when I was younger. I was in a hurry to grow up, drive a car and do what I wanted. I can see the same attitude now coming to fruition through my teenage daughter. It seems all too simple when you have your parent’s behind you — not everyone is so lucky. I wished back then someone had told me just how much my bad habits would impact me as I aged. Sure, some things are genetic, and you can’t do much about them. I get that. But, we have so much control over our nutrition and our activity. Your nutrition is vital to sound health, but there is never just one thing that is the main contributor. Instead, it’s many little things; all rolled up into a form called good health. We dismiss the benefits of activity and its impact on our lives now and well into the future. New research from The University of Georgia indicates that physical activity keeps your body healthy and protects cognitive abilities as you age. The good news is that you don’t have to attain these benefits from highly intense and exhausting exercise. So although that does have advantages, you don’t need to go that far. All you really should focus on is getting those steps in daily. Moving around in the environment and doing something you thoroughly enjoy will seem bliss instead of a struggle. Abstaining from sitting on your backside for hours has enormous benefits for all age groups. The best thing I ever invested in was a standing desk. Movements we make, from walking in and out of corridors to taking the stairs instead of getting into a lift — help increase our health, well-being and longevity. Perhaps you didn’t even realise how good those incidental-type exercises are for you.

The natural way activity improves our brain function

Our brain has many interconnecting networks constantly racing back and forth by sending information. Different parts of the brain are active during certain times of the day. For instance, when your body is relaxed instead of when you have a concentrated task on hand. The brain constantly flips from one place to another — similar to a light switch. Sometimes parts that aren’t used seem to stay active, which means the brain isn’t working optimally. Those basic tasks like remembering and practising self-control become a lot harder. Gogniat says: “This research paper is quite exciting because it gives us evidence that when people whose brain networks aren’t functioning when engaging in physical activity, we see improvement in their executive function and inter-dependence. We aren’t saying that you need to change your life radically.” Stand up, walk around, take the stairs or walk a little longer daily is where the bucks start. Not crazy, high-intensity exercises or cross-fit! 

Key takeaways

If you have elderly parents or grandparents, I recommend encouraging them to start walking frequently. Although some of us may be young, it’s still essential to start thinking about what kind of activity you enjoy that will be a priority in your life. When you think about lifestyle, it’s got to be something you love doing. For example, I love weight training and walking. Although it serves a beautiful purpose, I’m not a huge fan of HIIT. Most people don’t like the intensity of it. Why not get outdoors for a jog, bike ride, or swim. There are so many choices for exercise — I probably don’t even have enough to recommend to you! I know that something you love and sustainable for life will be an activity you could stick with for years. Weight training is beneficial for everyone, and all you need is to make time 3–4 times a week. You will slowly develop strength and muscle and strengthen your bones. Plus, it’s a great way to keep your body in shape for years. That’s one of many highly recommended types of exercise. Now it’s time for you to think of yours. For the full report, please click on this link. 

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