One thing you may be using in your coffee increases cancer risk!

One Thing You May Be Using in Your Coffee Increases Cancer Risk!

As healthy individuals, we aim to be in the best health of our life by altering our diet and activity levels.

 The rules seem endless, but there are some startling findings on sweetener alternatives used in many supposed “healthy products.” Millions of people use artificial sweeteners daily — yet the safety of using these is always up for debate amongst health professionals. Over the internet, too many people proclaim that artificial sweeteners do not cause any harm to humans. The sad realisation is that they do, and as consumers, we need to be informed and well aware of the particular kinds that may be causing us harm. Researchers had to determine how carcinogenic artificial sweeteners are by analysing data from 10,865 participating French adults. All the participants volunteered their medical history and artificial sweetener intake every 24 hours. Collection of cancer diagnoses was also part of the research. The amount of detail for this study was comprehensive — sex, age, alcohol, energy, sugar, fibre and dairy product were under scrutiny. From the data, the researcher’s concluded that those consuming more significant amounts of artificial sweeteners, particularly Aspartame and Acesulfame-K, had a higher risk of overall cancer than non-consumers. In addition, the study found that higher risks of cancers of the breast and obesity-related types were the most prevalent. Although there are several limitations to this study, nothing is perfect. More research will be required to confirm any other underlying properties and findings. But, until that time, will you keep using those two culprit artificial sweeteners in your foods and beverages? The Authors say, “According to the findings, we do not support artificial sweeteners as a safe alternative for sugar in foods or beverages and provide necessary and novel information to address the controversies about their potential adverse health effects.” These results need to be replicated in other large-scale cohorts. These studies provide important and novel insights for the ongoing reevaluation of food additive sweeteners by the European Food Safety Authority and other health agencies globally. 

Key takeaways

While this information isn’t an indication to eat white sugar, you must have exercise awareness of what you put into your body and the effects that it can create over the long term. 

Through a basic google search, I have found foods that contain Aspartame (found through Healthline)

  • diet soda
  • sugar-free ice cream
  • reduced-calorie fruit juice
  • gum
  • yogurt
  • sugarless candy

And now, here are some foods and beverages that contain Acesulfame-K (found through Medical news today)

  • beverages, including soda, fruit juices, non-carbonated drinks, and alcohol
  • tabletop sweeteners
  • dairy products
  • ice cream
  • desserts
  • jam, jelly, and marmalade
  • baked goods
  • toothpaste and mouthwash
  • chewing gum
  • marinades
  • yogurt and other milk products
  • breakfast cereals
  • salad dressings and sauces
  • condiments

From this list, you now have the leverage to become more informed about the food choices you make, buy and eat. That’s why keeping tabs on the ingredients listed on all items you purchase from supermarkets and online is important. If you are ever in doubt — don’t buy it. Perhaps the risk is small but thinks over time what a profound effect it may have on your health. We don’t know for sure, as the study above has flaws — but why risk it if it’s as simple as not using a chemically sweetened alternative. 

What can you use instead? Try these

• Stevia leaves• Allulose• Monkfruit I have used stevia as an alternative for years, created from plants.  However, do keep tabs on the variety you buy, as many companies tend to add their mixed ingredients to it. 

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