Mind that precious muscular mind well – you’ll need it in 2022

Just as we work our biceps, we need to think of our mind as a muscle as well.

It’s easy to get a bar and transcend it towards our chest. That’s a biceps curl. Do enough of these, and you get what we call “guns” in the bodybuilding world. You don’t get nice cannonballs by doing the basics in biceps curls. You have to play around with how fast or slow you lift and lower the weight, how many pounds you raise and what angles you use during the exercise. Then you have nutrition and rest to add to the complexity. This is where people tend to fail with building muscle. There is no one fluid way, but several, and it all has to be well balanced. The same goes for your mind; it takes constant conscious effort to keep it active, engaged, absorbed and growing to its full potential. Unfortunately, we unknowingly think of the same familiar thought’s because they make us feel warm and fuzzy. The uncertain world on the outside is hard enough — but at least we have control of the fellow who’s taking residence upstairs. Being creatures of habit, sticking with familiarity can stop our creative flow and keep us stuck. We’re unable to move beyond a wall we’ve built to get over the other side, where freedom and creative flow starts to flow our way again. Pushing, working harder, faster and forcing the wall to break loose is just wasting your time — and leaving you exhausted and frustrated. If we want to be successful on this platform, we have to think of new ideas and express them constantly without burnout. 

The revival of the mind can happen in a few ways

One: Go for a walk and absorb unfamiliar surroundings and just don’t do anything but breathe. Two: When the ideas stick to one another and don’t make sense — view cute animal Instagram pictures and videos as much as possible. That will bring on your smile factor & loosen up those brain cells. Three: Have a hearty laugh at one of Eddy Murphys politically incorrect comedy stints from the ’80s. A guaranteed laugh — no matter how young you are. Four: Lay like a starfish on the beach. If it’s winter, lay down with five layers on and slowly move your hands and feet out of sync. Get up when your bum starts to get wet, or you get frostbite. Whatever hurts more.

The point of this message was to get you thinking about how silly this is and possibly help you forget that you ever were stuck in the first place. I take no responsibility for these above methods not working — because your brain is probably as confused as hell right now. That’s ok — it’s a deliberate ploy. But as a strength coach, you leave me no option but to perhaps give you the last truism left in my belt-which is probably an accumulation of almost 365 days of hard work and effort on your part. Honestly, perhaps you need a break — a rep break or a week break at most. Maybe you’ve been thinking far too hard for too long, and it’s time to just Chillax. I got that word from my 15-year-old. She says it a lot around me. I wonder why? So, do what we bodybuilders do when working too hard and on the verge of burnout. Take a break, strap your arms in place, lock away the gym or your laptop if you need to. This might call for drastic measures. It’s Christmas, after all, and you deserve it. Here is my keto recipe for your consideration in the kitchen. Keto Lemon Mug Cake If you would like to read more articles like this or start writing your own, please sign up via my link. I’d love to see you on the other side. Sign up here for your medium subscription. I get a portion from your monthly fee at no extra cost to you, and it will go a long way in supporting me as a writer.

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