Life Without Comforting Caffeine Means Missing Out on These Benefits

Have you thought about giving up the good things in life?

About 18 years ago, I gave up caffeine. I stopped drinking the stuff cold turkey. I didn’t experience any cravings or need to pick the cup up again. The smell of beans brewing would make me feel sick. I vowed I’d never drink the stuff again. I’m happy to say that I don’t know that person anymore with good reason! This is why;-

Bringing back coffee improved my gym performance.

A strong, black coffee before a hard workout is essential. For me, it’s critical, as I work out early in the morning in a fasted state. Coffee helps me to clear the cobwebs of my supposed lack of sleep and gives me the upper hand performance-wise. When we drink coffee, it stimulates the usage of fat stores instead of sugar. This allows your muscles to continue and push beyond their supposed limitations.

Coffee helped me trigger fat burning again.

Coffee can increase fat oxidation, increasing the efficiency of your metabolism. You get the benefits of burning fat during and after your workout. The fat-burning state can go on for about three hours after your workout. Isn’t that awesome? How One Nerve Can Stop You From Losing Weight And Mess With Your Stomach

Coffee helps do my bit to lower neurodegenerative diseases

Coffee has a lot of powerful antioxidant’s, which help increase the removal of free radicals that cause inflammation. Because of the inflammation reduction, your chances of developing Parkinson’s disease decreases.

It may help me, even in a minor way, to live longer

It makes sense that coffee allows us to bypass some diseases, which will help us live longer anyway. One study suggests that drinking coffee accounts for 20% reduced death in men and 26% in women. My Love Affair With Coffee — From A Five Year Old’s perspective

Coffee helps ease muscles soreness from a hard workout

It certainly helps to have a pre-workout cup of coffee, as well as one after your session. This will help increase your performance and ease the muscle soreness caused by the activity. A small study of 9 men that drink coffee found that their cup of coffee reduced post-workout muscle soreness and decreased their recovery time. This is important if you intend to put on a good amount of muscle mass — and want to do so fast. 

After reading all of this, I feel like a bit of a fool for giving up coffee. However, I’m glad I eventually came to my senses, as coffee is one of the most comforting rituals I perform several times a day. The benefits I’ve highlighted may be physical, but the mental powers of sitting down and having a coffee is a daily necessity. In addition, it brings on some friendly creative intervention for writing. What’s your favourite type of coffee? If you would like to express gratitude with coffee, send the love via this link.

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