Four creative ways to cure your 3pm slump without food

The epidemic is sweeping all office and work from home peeps

Ok, I’m sure there are many of you (including me!) that suffer from the 3 pm slump epidemic! It’s so common, and I assume many of you reach for the coffee (my preferred choice) and perhaps something sweet to eat? It’s that little bit of extra fuel that will get you through your working afternoon. But coffee can leave you dehydrated and even more sluggish than before. Preparing for that 3 pm slump usually starts as soon as you wake up in the morning! Yes, you heard right. It starts with your sleep, for starters, and also the quality of the food you eat. Let’s look into this a bit more deeply.

Option one: Get up or outdoors for a stroll

It’s pretty easy to become consumed with your work as a deadline starts to get closer every second that passes. Talking a short break (even if it’s walking up and down some stairs) helps boost your energy levels. It could even help you eliminate those creative blocks we sometimes experience lethargy. When you feel that wave of drowsiness starts to come around, get yourself up and make a move. If you want to look busy, grab a chat with your favourite colleague. 

Option Two: Go low carb for breakfast and lunch

Starting your nutrition from the moment you wake up can make a big difference to your energy levels throughout the day. Fill your breakfast and lunch plate with protein, veggies, and healthy fats. Leave the sugar behind. Don’t even think about any white, refined carb type breakfasts as they can spike your blood sugar, promoting an energy slump. That includes sugar-filled cereals, bagels, bread and pastries. Perhaps they taste great, but they won’t provide you with the energy and stamina needed to get through the day. By the way, it’s just as important to stay well hydrated as it is to eat well. So make sure you sip away at your water quota. That can include herbal teas as well. Aim for 3 litres, and drink a couple of glasses before a meal. That will ensure you are keep overeating at bay. 

Option Three: Burn some essential oils

I like to burn a variety of pure essential oils during the day, but the favourites are always peppermint, orange and lemon for increasing my energy. A combination of these raises my energy level and makes me feel good. Using your senses to perk you up makes a huge difference. Smell is one of the most untapped senses that can make a difference to your quality of life. For instance, how do you feel after getting a massage with essential oils? It can be a combination of relaxed, sleepy, happy and invigorated? Play around with a scent that makes you feel good. It’s a very personal preference, and we are all blessed with our own unique sense of smell. 

Option Four: Listen to music Music seems to have a magical way of increasing your concentration levels as well as revving up your energy. Of course, everyone’s music preference is entirely different, and those energetic, faster beats are what’s going to lift you to higher heights. If you want to clear your mind, pick something a little more laid back. When I want to increase my energy levels, I always turn to different beats, from dance, electronica, drum and bass, and chill-out alternatives. I tend to pick different beat speeds according to what I’m focusing on. WHEN WORKING OUT, what I listen to is entirely different when focusing on a work project. Using all of these steps will produce some vital energetic results during the time you need it most. What 3 pm slump?

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