One Way Women Should be Thinking to Promote a Longer Life Span

One Way Women Should be Thinking to Promote a Longer Life Span

If you can change your mindset to live longer, would you be up for the challenge?

As a woman who works very hard, trying to keep it all together most days, I struggle to control my mindset. Women are usually the type of people that do more yet feel used and hide away reactions, and become resentful towards others. My resentment can sometimes build upon itself as I take a tally of how many people and circumstances take advantage of my kindness, helpfulness, and graciousness to serve. People from all walks of life can run a mile when you give them only an inch of assistance. In those cases, I must make myself consciously aware of my feelings and take the necessary steps to bring myself back to the centre — a balanced being. This isn’t always easy, and I have a lot of help with audiobooks and other beautiful women who love to listen and offer advice. How you assimilate the many different things in your life can either hinder or extend your life. But this isn’t the only important part of the equation — it’s also about happiness. One simple thing we can do will help us lead a happier life and live that little bit longer. One study determined that optimism was linked to a longer life span and exceptional longevity. Longevity has connected to these aspects, defined as living beyond 85 years of age. Researchers wanted to make this study fair, so it included women across racial and ethnic groups. A diverse population in research is essential for public health because of higher mortality rates and the limited research about them to help enforce health policies. Participants were aged between 50 and 79 and followed for 26 years.


Here are the findings in terms of optimism

Twenty-five per cent of the group were likely to have a 5.4 per cent longer lifespan and 10 per cent more likely to live past 90 years than the 25 per cent who were not optimistic. Lifestyle factors such as exercise and healthy eating accounted for only a quarter of the lively group, indicating that other factors such as these important ones contribute to a longer life. Perhaps it might be a good idea to change our mindset when it comes to health. Usually, we focus only on the negative risk factors. Instead, it might be a lot more beneficial to consider optimism as a contributor with benefits across all racial groups. 

How can you be a lot more optimistic about a longer life?

The steps are easy, but it’s not always that simple to look at the sunny side of life — but we can try to work on our mindset and bring a lot more positivity into our lives every day. Here are some simple ways you can start to practice today.


One: Show gratitude

I don’t know anyone who has everything, and it’s easy to focus on what is missing daily. But, when we sit down and write three things we’re grateful for every day, we can open ourselves up to the possibility of just how precious our life is. If we look hard enough, we can see what’s always been in front, waiting for an acknowledgement.


Two: When something unfavourable happens, look at the benefits

There is always something beneficial in any bad situation — no matter how you feel at the time or how badly it affects you. Sometimes destiny pushes us into these situations to take a new direction or uncover a hidden gift. For example, I only really began writing when my mum was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and continued until her death, and now here I am. It helped me deal with my emotions, and I became somewhat obsessed with writing my message about better health and an optimal lifestyle. Perhaps that’s my destiny, and it was the best benefit for my soul during this arduous and painful journey. 

Three: Don’t focus on what people say that’s negative

People might say something mean about you — but it’s just one person, and it says more about them than you. People will always have an opinion, and you can ‘choose’ not to let it upset you. But if you do this enough, life will be much more enjoyable!


Four: Be kind to others

It’s so much easier to get angry at someone, but we can do something different and be nice. A smile or kind gesture makes all the difference. Instead of making it hard for people, try and do your bit by making it easy. There are many other ways to encourage optimism every day, but I will leave it up to you to find things that bring you joy and make life a little sweeter for others. It doesn’t take much effort, but good old human kindness says much more than financial gains alone. 

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