4 weight training hacks that torch body fat

Weights and cardio both have their unique benefit. So, which one?

Evidence suggests that fat loss is best achieved through a high, but the varied intensity of training. This does not mean you have to pass out at the end of your session! Even 30 minutes a couple of times a week can have a profound effect on your health and body composition.

What I want to bring to light is the metabolic power of weight training, as well as sprint intervals. When combined, they make for a powerhouse towards achieving your weight loss goals. Let’s take a look at some points I’d like to highlight each one.

Lifting weights helps you lose body fat.

Lifting weights helps you lose body fat. The best results come from training programs that focus on very different components. Here are a few points to help you evaluate your training program

4 weight training hacks that torch body fat

  • Shorter rest periods between sets. Use a guideline of about 30–60 seconds, and try to finish off your program with high-end exercises, requiring a high level of effort. This increases growth hormone exponentially! Try leg press, squats or even lunges for 25 reps, or 2 minutes of non-stop repetitions (with the proper form of course).
  • Multi-joint lifts. These are squats, deadlifts, split squats, bench press, pull-ups in each of your training splits. Isolated exercises should be saved for the end of your program if you have a bit of time. Train yourself to do the hard stuff so you can get the best body composition results.
  • High volume. Be brave and extend your exercises towards the 5–6 set mark. This is a bit more time consuming, but pick 4–6 activity, and smash them together for six sets. Better yet, reduce your rest period. Double the fat burning effect!
  • Tempo, tempo! You will need tension on those muscles; therefore, you will need to count through each exercise to ensure you are allocating the proper timeframe. Try 4 seconds eccentric (down) tempo and short concentric (upwards).

Four more bonus hacks to take your fat burning on another level!

  • How about some strongman training? Use the sled, tire flips, and heavy-handed farmers walk. You can work these in with your leg day, by adding them as finishers to your workout.
  • Hill sprints. This is a killer for the legs! Get outdoors, or use the treadmill. Increase the resistance as much as you can, and sprint as fast as possible (about 20–30 seconds) then rest for 60 seconds. Repeat or a total of 20–30 minutes max.
  • Stair running. Another excellent leg protocol. Sprint as fast as you possibly can up the stairs, and jog down them. Try for 8–16 reps. This should set your legs on fire!
  • Try circuit training, Super-setting with minimal rest periods will turn into a circuit. Better yet, why not try what’s deemed the ‘death by legs’ Start with deadlifts, then follow it with split squats, then again to the squat rack with lighter weight, but higher volume. You are allowed a 10-second rest between each exercise (to catch your breath!)
  • Taking the tips from this post, you can pretty much combine your weights and cardio for a higher impact of fat burning, plus superior health benefits. Exercise is beneficial for the body from an insulin perspective. It allows glucose to feed the muscles, instead of being stored as fat. That’s the reaction weight training & aerobic activity; both have on the body. Therefore, we can detect that overall health is improved from just this one aspect. It is mainly burning body fat stores. In an ideal world, we would do both strength training and cardio for the best health benefits.


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