What is the best workout for effective weight loss?

I love German Body Comp and use it all the time, even on holidays; for the extra shred look on the beach.

Finally, the best question and my most favourite one to answer! I have the best solution for all of you that don’t mind a challenge, sweating a lot and becoming a puddle of mess on the floor after you have done with this one. After my horrid description, I do hope that you are keen to find out what the hell this is.

It’s called high volume training, and it’s intense and will give you those weight loss results you want. The only caveat is that it’s intense and you will need to factor in the soreness and time factor. Perhaps schedule this one in over a weekend, or if through the week, make it a day where you aren’t in a rush to get to work. Give yourself an hour & 15 minutes to be safe.

The program is called German Body Comp

This kind of training works by stimulating the release of growth hormone, a biochemical produced naturally in the body that helps regulate body fat. GBC workouts focus on multi-joint exercises performed at higher reps and shorter rest intervals. This workout may contain 4–5 supersets that take about an hour on average to complete. This kind of work out is very much like circuit training, with a magnitude of intensity!

Here is a sample workout below. For the best results, create a program that focuses on your challenging body parts (such as legs), to push yourself towards a higher level of training intensity.

The lower body killer

A1. Split squat

A2. Romanian deadlift

B1. Leg curl

B2. Squat

C1. Back extension

C2. Lunges

This is just one of the many variations you can use. I would do this instead of my typical leg day, as they are the biggest muscle group, providing the highest volume of calorie-torching. Don’t forget the after-burn as well..

You may not be able to walk well, but you will thank yourself when the results set in!

An excellent way to break a training or weight loss plateau is to throw in a day like this into your training regime and watch your results soar.

In terms of repetitions, I would aim for 3-4 of each exercise, and only allowing 30 seconds rest. Rest is only encouraged after performing the A1 & A2 exercises back to back. Same goes for the rest of the alphabet. The tempo should be controlled, For instance, 3010. 

Let me know how you go with this training,

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