What exercises can be done to allow for an increase in muscle mass/size rapidly?

I’m sharing some best kept, muscle building secrets below.

When it comes to muscle, there is no hard or fast progress. What you can utilise are some essential strength training exercise as well as various methodologies to increase both strength and hypertrophy, but only in due time. Muscle is not an easy resource to accumulate, therefor it takes diligence, commitment and consistency for training programs to work.

Don’t forget that diet is essential in the mix. One cannot be done without the other, when it comes to gaining mass. I will highlight some different strategies as well as exercises which will help you achieve mass and constantly challenge your body in order to develop further.

Top 5 exercises to gain mass

  1. Squats
  2. Deadlifts
  3. Pull ups
  4. Bench press
  5. Lunges

The reason why these exercises are so effective is that they recruit more muscle fibres. When we recruit more of them, we experience higher level growth and strength.

It’s recommended that you include one or more of the above within your training schedule. Leave the isolation exercises for the end of your sessions. Really focus on exercises that recruit more muscle fibres.

The next step is to utilise the methods below in your training, to gain the most benefits from your training session. Remember, use them during each split, and really give it all you’ve got!

Top 5 methods to gain mass that you may have missed (use in conjunction with your training sessions for maximum benefits)

  1. Drop sets. Finish off a high intensity set, followed immediately by the same exercise at a low intensity with 50 percent of the 1RM. Go to complete failure. Have the lower weight by your side to smash it as soon as your normal set has been completed.
  2. Train to failure. When training in this fashion regularly, you will produce muscle damage as well as a large protein synthesis response, as well as HGH. This is also a great method for busting plateaus, whilst getting a good pump!
  3. Watch your time under tension carefully. By using the appropriate timing to keep your muscles under tension, will cause extensive muscle breakdown, leading to big growth benefits. Your sets should last between 30–40 seconds, for optimal muscle growth. The muscles need time to receive the stimulus to ignite changes in size.
  4. Twice a day training for muscles lagging behind. Working heavy in the morning and higher reps at night is really effective. 4–6 sets in the morning, and 12–15 sets at night. Make sure you ease into this kind of training by using shorter workouts in order for your body to adapt. 20 minutes to start off with is sufficient, spaced out by 6 hours. No more than 40 to 60 minute workouts on either phase.
  5. Train using German volume for extreme growth. This is a killer! Males can gain about 5 pounds of muscle in 3 weeks! Don’t forget about the benefits with females as well. We can gain mass as well as strength. Using 10 as your magic number, you smash through this by targeting a group of motor units, exposing them to a thrashing volume of repeated efforts. If you want to grow your calves or legs, smash them for 10 sets, using 6–8 repetitions. If you want to be brave, use 2x superset exercises for 10 reps. You will no doubt break through a strength and muscle building plateau!

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