Where does fat go when we lose it?

The most common misconception of fat loss, is that it’s converted to energy. The problem with this is that it’s a violation of the conservation law of matter, which is what all chemical reactions obey. It’s a bit of a scary fact that most don’t understand this simple concept.

When we take in less calories than we normally do, creating a deficit, the body turns to our fat reserves to use as energy. The body then disposes fat deposits through a series of complicated metabolic pathways.

Byproducts of fat metabolism leave your body as;-

  1. Carbon dioxide, through your lungs, when you breath out
  2. Water, through your skin when you are sweating and your kidneys when you urinate.

The metabolic fate of an average Australian’s daily intake of food, water and oxygen (Nutrient intake data: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australian Health Survey: Nutrition First Results – Foods and Nutrients) Exercising and fat burning.

When you begin to exercise, your muscles burn through stored glycogen for energy. After the 30–60 minute mark of aerobic exercise, the body begins burning mainly fat stores. The time between burning glycogen stores and moving onto fat stores, all depend on the intensity of your workout. 30 minutes of cardio 2–3 times a week is sufficient to begin this process.

Weight training is a huge factor in elevating your metabolism, and burning stored body fat, even more effectively. Building muscle is the key to increasing your daily caloric expenditure, and therefore leading to weight loss at a higher rate.

Although food is the main driver towards weight loss, exercise plays a very important part in furthering this goal, as well as maintaining weight loss. The key is that this is either a fast or show journey, depending on the individual.

The physically active people do tend to have more success in maintaining their weight loss.

I do hope this helps you to understand where fat does go when it’s burnt off.,

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