Ten nourishing food sources that build muscle

There are several different sources of protein which are more of a natural source and is more cost-effective in the long run. Although protein powders are very convenient, most of them are highly processed, and the cost can add up over time. Adding different forms of protein also prohibits your body from producing negative gut and immune reactions. Make sure you are continually cycling your protein sources due to this fact.

Ten nourishing food sources that build muscle

  1. Eggs. Eggs are the most nutritionally dense powerhouse of leucine, protein, good fats and many, many more vitamins. They are also the perfect post-workout muscle recovery food. The good news is, you should eat the whole egg to receive the most beneficial protein synthesis. After a workout, a while egg will elicit 40 per cent greater muscle-building response than just the egg whites. So don’t go all old-style bodybuilding on me, consume the whole egg and you will receive the best muscle-building benefits available. Let’s not forget that these are low in calories, therefore will help you lose body fat as well.
  2. Turkey breast. Turkey is a low-calorie form of protein, and it indeed contains quite a significant number! 100g comes in at 29 grams of protein. It’s also high in zinc, which is essential for protein synthesis. Dress your turkey with plain mustard sauce for extra flavour.
  3. Chicken breast. This an old but still essential bodybuilding powerhouse. A regular size chicken breast (170g) contains about 55g protein and is very low in calories (2g in fact!). It’s the perfect alternative if you are trying to gain mass, and maintain your low levels of body fat. It also contains lots of selenium, protecting cells from damage caused during your workout.
  4. Salmon. I love salmon! A 100g serving contains about 20g of protein, is high in omega 3, EPA and DHA. Salmon is an excellent alternative for the reduction of inflammation as well as increasing insulin sensitivity. We all want to utilise fat as effectively as possible, and not sore it on our bodies. Consuming salmon will help you with this.
  5. Protein powders. It’s an obvious choice, but one I only recommend when you can’t get to the food. There are many alternatives, all indicating different profiles. Whey is also the powerhouse of protein sources, but if you are unable to tolerate dairy, plant alternatives are available at your disposal. Always check the labels to compare nutritional values according to your body composition goals.
  6. Almonds. Almonds are such a nutritious snack and perfect when you are on the run. They contain vitamin E, which is needed to repair any cellular damage that’s been inflicted due to exercise. A standard serving of almonds is roughly 23, including 6 grams of protein.
  7. Broccoli. Although meat has lots of protein, you do need to still consume your veggies regularly for optimal health. Broccoli is known to block artificial estrogen that can be found in plastics that we consume food and beverages from. It also contains a lot of zinc. You can also get great benefits from kale, cauliflower and cabbage. Include them with your protein sources, and in large servings.
  8. Olive oil. The fats contained in the olive oil help to produce more muscle growth and prevent loss. Use it in your vegetables, as it increases your insulin sensitivity, and helps to eliminate body fat stores. Don’t be afraid of oil; it’s a powerhouse that’s not being utilised effectively for optimal body composition results.
  9. Tuna. Tuna is a perfectly portable and cost useful companion to any bodybuilding diet. A 100g serving contains 25g protein, and it’s deficient in calories. Let’s not forget the omega-three fatty acids it contains. Just make sure you don’t eat this daily, as it does have lots of mercury.
  10. Oysters. You won’t believe that these little beauties contain more than 20g of protein in a 100g serving. They also have a lot of iron and zinc. Perfect for building more muscle and maintaining excellent health.

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