Five essential steps for optimal muscle growth during intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting and lifting weights is a compelling combination. Both will allow you to increase strength, muscle mass and decrease body fat, without compromising your health as low-fat diets seem to cause. I’m assuming when you mention fasting; you are referring to intermittent. I have both fasted and intermittently fasted. For me, intermittent fasting has provided the most consistent strength, muscular gains and fat burning consecutively. I wish I had tried it sooner! Here are some essential steps you should take to ensure your results with weight training are the most effective.

Five essential steps for optimal muscle growth during intermittent fasting

  1. Make sure you are getting enough protein. Your body composition changes are based on proper protein intake. It would help if you found it on a higher-end, such as 1.3–1.8g/kg.
  2. You must have a proper strength training program implemented. Always alternate between hypertrophy and strength, ensuring that you schedule your training sessions when your feeding window is longer. Save the prolonged fasting for rest days.
  3. Fasting will help you improve insulin sensitivity. It will lower your inflammation markers. This means that you will be more inclined to use your calories more efficiently, with less stored as fat.
  4. Don’t make cardio your primary focus. When fasting, fat loss can occur without cardio or low-calorie diets, by implementing strength training – preferably heavy lifting, combined with an 8-hour feeding window. This is good news for all of us!
  5. Alternate day fasting is still a good option. Pick and chose which fasting protocol works best for you and your lifestyle. You will always receive great results with alternate-day fasting. This can be an optional choice for athletes or those that require a high consumption of calories for specified training schedules.

I do hope I’ve managed to encourage you to stick with intermittent fasting long term, for strength and muscular gains, as well as fat loss. There is no more comfortable and more effective program than this. The positives surely out-way any small negatives that may occur. I’ve received great results, and am still working hard on building strength and conditioning my body beyond what I ever thought I was capable of.

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