Is skipping breakfast the best way to lose or maintain weight?

There are so many ways to lose weight, and skipping meals is by far, a very popular strategy. I liken this to being very close to intermittent fasting, which I practice and do enjoy. A lot of people practice fasting on a daily or regular schedule, both for weight loss and longevity. There are a lot of positive benefits to skipping meals, and we’ll discuss them in more detail below.

5 ways that intermittent fasting (skipping a meal) can help you lose and maintain your weight

  1. Fasting helps you reduce your calorie consumption, increasing your mental clarity, overall fat burning potential and decrease inflammation in your body. This applies to you if you decide to skip breakfast or dinner. The effects are the same all round.
  2. Fasting kicks your body into ketosis, which means your body transitions from burning sugar towards fat stores. The wonderful thing about this method is you don’t have to fast every day to receive the benefits, or for prolonged periods of time. 12–20 hours interchangeably is all that’s needed, and completely manageable for anyone’s busy schedule.
  3. Skipping a meal allows your body to become more metabolically flexible. This means that your body will in fact, be gently guided to burning fat stores instead of the endless burning of sugar.
  4. Despite the fact that you may be eating a little more calories when your fasting ends, you still wont be taking in many calories, and continue to reap the benefits of burning fat for fuel.
  5. At first, fasting may take some getting used to, and you will experience a bit more lethargy and lack your normal energetic self, but your body will adapt very quickly, increasing your muscle building capabilities, and strength long term. When you generate more muscle on your body, you in fact burn more calories overall – that’s a big win win all round.
  6. Most calorie restricted diets leave you feeling lethargic, moody and hungry. Intermittent fasting on the other hand, leaves you feeling energetic, peak memory and clarity, and increased drive. All the while you are fasting! This is the perfect life to lead when maintaining your weight or trying to lose some. You want to be at your best all the time and experience quality of life. IF can give you back what regular dieting lost.

Gathering all of this information, I can recommend that you skip a meal for weight loss or maintenance phase, and do this regularly. There is no need to restrict your self too much, or experience extreme hunger and lack of energy. Intermittent fasting will provide you will all the benefits, and a lot more than calorie restricted diets every could.

I do hope these tips help you along your journey ahead.
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