What are you most tired of explaining when it comes to weight loss?

Weight loss takes time…

When it comes to weight loss, I do feel that I’m repeating myself constantly, as the same question seems to linger on for a lot of people. The subject I’d like to chat about briefly, is that of time, patience and perseverance to achieve your goals.

It seems that most want the easy and fastest way to lose weight – I mean, who doesn’t want that? Who want’s to put in the effort on a daily basis when there is the option to lay around on your backside, or really enjoy your life indulging.

When it comes to weight loss and attaining a desirable physique, there is much to consider in terms of food, diet and exercise. It can become extremely overwhelming for people, especially tiresome for those that have tried and tried so many different eating plans, and find themselves stuck in the same place, year after year, month after month. It’s like a vicious cycle.

But let me call out another angle, regarding quality of life. For those of you who would rather the journey be as easy as it can be, I want to ask you, what would that do for your development of your psychological and physical life? Sure, leisure time is great, but isn’t time spent doing something active more meaningful to your health? What about being amongst like minded people who share the same vision. Quality of life is also getting outdoors, making connections and having fun?

Along the journey of fitness and health, we share many highs and lows with different people, and those friendships become priceless. I’m so grateful for all the lessons I’ve learnt, from the very few personal trainers I’ve had. It opened up my awareness to an alternate way of thinking, being and training. This would not have happened if I did not bother to take those first steps.

This certainly doesn’t take into account the endless connections I’ve made along the way. Those people who have given sound advice, and been a great pal within a group fitness setting.

Sometimes we set out on a journey due to something we desire. Usually, it also leads us to many other sub paths along the way. This is what I call the magic in the moment.

So when it comes to progression with your plan, the constant challenges and your bodies inability for it to do what you like, try and see the flip side. This is just a sign for you to learn, grow and discover new ways in making your dream body a reality. Maybe you will find a training partner, meet a great PT that can help you, get a recommendation from a friend, or read a great Quora article! The options to grow and develop are endless.

So, do be patient along the way. Do the work you need to, seek help when the going get’s tough. It’s challenging for all of us. Some have a harder road ahead than others. Each and every single one of us have a path to pave, a story to carve out, and a journey to note down. Just think, this could be the starting point of someone else’s journey ahead, and you may have helped them in some way. You could become someone else’s fitness hero.

I hope this helps you in some small way. I didn’t want to go over diet and official exercise. There is plenty of this information in my feed. But the key feature here, is that if you don’t have the mindset to success and conquering your goals, any attempts to achieve it will become behind. Don’t make that mistake as well.

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