How does zero calorie or low calorie foods help in losing weight?

Unfortunately there is no such thing as ‘zero’ calories, unless of course they are filled with dangerous chemicals that will do more harm than good for you long term. I guess you can count water as zero calories. I would not even bother to research the amounts of things we have on the planet that are zero calories.

It’s not all about the calories. There is more to weight loss than just calories. What you really need to focus on is the quality of your foods, and the activity you are doing.

What I can help you with are some ways in which work really well or weight loss, weight management and overall health. What we do need to keep in mind is that weight loss is something that needs to be attended to on a daily basis, and watched mindfully. Getting to know your body is a must here, and it’s very important to have an open mind when walking down this path. What I encourage you to do is use the tips below, and trial them out one by one. That’s the only way to gauge if something will be beneficial for you or not.

6 essential habits to help you lose weight and experience optimal health

  1. Eat more protein. There is no denying that protein has a profound effect on stabilizing your blood sugar, keeping you feeling full for longer periods of time, and also aiding you to burn fat. Protein actually raises your metabolic rate, as well as helping you to retain and grow muscle during weight loss. This is very important, because muscle in itself is metabolically active. It elevates our metabolism. It’s a high priority to keep muscle mass in order to ensure we do not put weight on over the long term.
  2. Eliminate proceed carbs and sugars. Processed sugars and carbs increase potential to store fat on your body, especially the abdominal area. Other down-falls are increased risk of diabetes, fatty liver disease and heart disease. You are best to limit processed sugars and carbs as much as possible. Swap your refined carbs with healthy starches such as sweet potato, tuber vegetables and more vegetables, will reduce your body fat.
  3. Weight train regularly. Weight training provides the best environment to increase muscle mass, therefore increasing your metabolic rate at rest. It also reshapes your body, eliminating body fat, increasing your health and longevity over the course of your life. You will become stronger, and more able to lead an active life well into old age. I don’t want to be walking with a cane, and I’m sure you don’t either!
  4. Try intermittent fasting on a daily basis. I love intermittent fasting as it changes your whole body, and your mind. There are so many benefits to this, and I will say that losing weight and diminishing body fat will probably be on your list of priority. I would like to add that it’s been the best lifestyle plan that has set me on a rewarding pathway to increasing my muscle mass and re-conditioning my body towards the shape of my dreams. We all fast for different reasons, and health is one of the many benefits. There really is no other eating plan that has this many winning points (and I’ve tried many!). Try this slowly, and then keep stretching yourself without any food. In no time, you will start to feel the difference and wish you had done it sooner!
  5. Get enough rest. It’s important to sleep well, and allow for days to rest from exercise, but still keeping somewhat active. Our bodies become warn out from constant activity and stress. You will receive more fat loss and muscle building benefits when you step back, and allow your body to chill out for a day or two. There is no harm in this, and neither is sleeping in sometimes. Your body will reward you for it.
  6. Minimize stress. Stress is a big factor that messes with our appetites, mood and sleep. The knock on effects have us feeling like overwhelmed zombies, making poor lifestyle and food choices as a result. It really is awful living with constant stress. Even though life throws these moments and events at us, we can do our part by taking responsibility for how we respond to them. Find ways to cope as best as you can in stressful moments and situations. Try meditation, yoga, or listening to music and motivational words. Try going for a walk, talking to a friend or being in nature. All these things will restore and re-balance calm and centered within yourself. Don’t deny yourself time to just sit still and take some deep breaths. This alone can put you in a different state of mind.

I’m sorry these aren’t all about food, but it’s not the only aspect of diet that has potential to sabotage your efforts. There are of course, many more aspects that you must be aware of, but I wanted to give you the key issues in this answer. I do hope it’s helped you. Please reach out if you need anything.

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