Do you lose more weight exercising in the morning?

This is a great question, and one that really needs to be dissected, regarding both individuality of each person, and for convenience.

In order to delve into the answer that’s best for you, firstly determine what time of day you feel your most energetic. Are you better physically in the morning, or in the afternoons/evenings? We each have an inbuilt circadian rhythm that we flow in and out of each and every day. You may have come to realise yours as a child. I know I’ve always been an early riser, never one to stay up late. Perhaps you are the opposite.

Here are a couple of basic research points that may help you out in determining what time is best for you

5 tips for the best fat burning and muscle enhancing results from training times

  1. If you are training for endurance, studies show that the time of day really does not impede performance. Pick your most energetic stretch of time, and stick to it, especially if you are preparing for an upcoming event.
  2. If you are after building muscle and recovering from it quite quickly, then opt for heavy and strenuous weight training in the afternoons. Your best bet would be from 4–6pm.
  3. If you want power and strength, mid afternoon and early evening is a great time for you. This is when you will be able to produce maximal force at a faster speed.
  4. If you are after fat loss, there is a greater chance of enhancing the after-burn from training during 6pm. That means, you will expend more calories overall, then you would normally. Try this with interval training.
  5. Mid afternoon and early evening is best for spring training as well, especially if you are com training. Better strength and speed later in the day is due to the body temperature increases, as the day progresses. This is advantageous in enhancing muscle function and flexibility.

What you need to keep in mind, is that not everyone is able to adhere to afternoon training, and prefer early mornings. I am a morning trainer, and I have gotten the best results training this way. If I had left my training until the afternoon, I would not have the energy or time. Please make sure your training is suitable for you, as results will happen. Try alternating your times during holidays, so you can see if it is any different for you at all. You may be surprised!

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