How can I lose 5kg quickly with fasting

If you want to lose body fat fast, then look no further than adapting the Intermittent fasting method. This will help you lose those last 5kg and get you back to better health.

There are several different methods of fasting you can choose, and your results will depend on how your body reacts. In my case, I fast every single day, for up to 20 hours. I’ve adapted to this protocol whilst in lockdown, where I cannot get to the gym and am working from home. It makes more sense to fast for longer stretches if you are not active enough.

If you usually train with weights in the gym, then allowing for a re-feed is going to help you put on muscle long term. We each have to adapt the fasting methods to suit our lifestyles and goals. Here are a few of the most popular fasting methods that you should most definitely try out.

3 top fasting methods

  1. The 16/8 hour fasting method. This means you are fasting for 16 hours at a time, whilst allowing an 8-hour window for eating. This could possibly be a case of skipping breakfast and dinner – or adapting to skipping mealtimes that you prefer. This is a great method if you instinctively skip breakfast anyway but can be quite challenging if you are known for being most hungry in the earlier part of the day. In this case, I would recommend having breakfast and lunch quite early, and skipping meals for the later part of the day. Then eating again at breakfast.
  2. The stop eats stop plan. This involves a 24 hour fast twice per week. You will fast from dinner one day to dinner the next day – which amounts to a full 24 hours. To put things a lot more simply, you finish your dinner at 7pm and don’t eat until dinner the next day, at 7pm. If you prefer to have breakfast, then on day one, you eat breakfast, and skip your next meals until having breakfast again the next day. You can keep up with having your water, coffee, or even some tea to help you quench the hunger.
    This can be fairly difficult to do if you haven’t fasted before. I would recommend fasting regularly and stretching your time out to make the 24 hours transition a lot easier.
  3. The warrior diet (my favourite method). This is possibly one of the oldest methods of fasting, made popular by ancient warriors. They used to eat very little during the day but feasted at night. I actually do the complete opposite of this, and prefer to eat only a small breakfast, and early lunch. Then eat again during breakfast again. Although some methods allow you to eat very limited amounts of food during the fasting period, it’s not an effective method for weight loss (or gaining muscle mass for that matter). It’s best to abstain from eating during the full 20 hours. You can choose to do this daily, or every other day. Because of lock down, and not having to go to the office daily, I’ve chosen to do this every single day, apart from 2, in which I allow the mealtime to stretch. Try this out and do what works best for you. The great thing about fasting is you can always adapt it according to the results you are getting. If you still need to lose weight, then try some other methods. If you are happy with your body composition, then either keep going, or have days where you reduce your fasting times.

Just remember, there is no right or wrong method, only the one that works best for you. I guarantee that you will enjoy fasting so much, you will choose to do it daily. It helps make you feel great and look trim, healthy and you’re even going to put muscle on (and maintain it for that matter) That’s what’s so amazing, your body heals itself and becomes a lot more adaptable metabolically. You can eat a lot more, and have a wider range of food. It’s possibly the best and most adaptable diet you can ever utilise on a daily basis. I never feel deprived, I always feel great and I’m maintaining my shape. I’m sure you will find it does the same for you too.

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  • Jean McGivern , 09/06/2020

    Great advise thank you. Myself & my husband are going to try the fasting. Do you do a book to help us with the diet plan as we both need to loose weight too.

    • Ange , 13/06/2020

      Hello Jenny, how are you? I’m really glad that you and your husband are going to try out fasting. It’s the best way to lose weight fast and get on top of your health goals. I would be happy to structure a food and exercise plan for both of you. This is the best way to elevate your levels of success with fasting. I will email you to confirm this.

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