Top 6 effective band exercises

Great question. I don’t have dumbbells and have resorted to bands for the duration of lockdown. I do not have any particularly spectacular equipment, but I have some TRX bands and a chin-up bar. To be honest with you, I’ve barely used the TRX bands, although they are a great investment for travelling, and when I do want to work out from home. Bands have been the best use of my workout time because they provide tension and a workout that is as intense as what I want it to be. You can split your body parts or do a full-body workout. You can also perform ab crunches with bands. Sometimes I use bands when I’m at my desk working, so I can keep strengthening my muscles.

I do want to point out that chiropractors and physio are always stressing the importance of using bands in between workouts for strengthening muscles. If you are anything like me, excuses prevail and none of us have the time to use these silly bands. Well, now there is no excuse, and the proof is in the pudding after using them for months. They can and do make a huge difference, but it will not be noticeable until you actually get to the gym.

You will thank yourself for using bands above all else.

I’m going to give you tips on what exercises I use regularly, and you can choose to view my training videos on my social media site, or on YouTube. I will give you details of them when I finalise this blog post.

When it comes to exercise choice, you cannot go wrong with multi joint movements – similar to what you would spend most of your time within the gym. Now, with bands, you can do a lot of isolated exercise, helping to strengthen any imbalances. If you have a rotator cuff or hip imbalance, bands will help you strengthen this. It takes time and diligent practice.

Top 6 effective band exercises

  1. Squats – this one is pretty obvious. Squats are great with bands, as you get the resistance during the full movement as with a barbell.
  2. Lunges – lunges are best performed with smaller bands, between your thighs or knees. This provides resistance, and I like to double up the bands when I’m looking for a more intense workout.
  3. Split squats or Bulgarian split squats. This is a killer with bands. I have a smaller variety, and I put it between my foot and knee. If you have a larger one, you can put the band over your back. Either way, you can work with what you have.
  4. Deadlifts. Again, can be implemented with any kinds of bands that you have. I like to use the smaller black ones, which are tough. The tube bands are just as good, and a lot more versatile as you have the handles on them.
  5. Biceps curls. These work best with the tube bands. I get a good pump with this and have somehow maintained most of my bicep’s development.
  6. Triceps extensions. I must highly recommend the tube and longer bands. I like to attach mine on the chin up bar I have. What a great investment that has been for using these bands!
  7. Any kind of cable or lat pulldown movement. Tube bands are so good for this! You can simulate any kind of pull-down movements with the tube bands

There are no real useless exercises. Doing something is better than doing nothing at all. I would recommend you focus mainly on the multi joint movements, and then move towards the isolated kinds. Whatever you do that can strengthen connective tissue, and eliminate imbalances is very much worth the time and effort you put in.

As I mentioned above, you can follow me on social and view all my workout video’s with bands and tubes on YouTube.

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