Have you ever tried to lose weight? What is it like?

I think I’ve been on the weight-loss train all my life. What’s it been like you ask? Absolutely frustrating.. until now.

I think the short story to all of this is doing the wrong thing, for a long time and not knowing what else to do. For me, this was calorie restriction and endless cardio. I make a point of telling people NOT to do this. Not many people listen!

The truth is, before I dieted I was not the healthiest person – yet I never had a weight problem. Sure, I was skinny fat more than anything, and I wanted to get muscular. I wanted a six-pack too and wondered why I could never attain that.

Then along came training to be a figure competitor. This completely screwed up my metabolism. For once, I was so lean, cut and muscular and I absolutely loved it. It also came with a drawback of not being able to sustain this sort of lifestyle – and succumbing to fat gain afterwards when eating began to normalise.

I have no regrets – as it’s lead me to where I am today.

You may ask, so, how did it all turn around once and for all? The simple answer is intermittent fasting. It’s been the one thing that has worked better than anything I’ve ever tried. No low carb, no low fat, no endless cardio – and now that we can’t even get to a gym, there is absolutely no worry regarding fat gain or losing muscle. It just doesn’t happen when you intermittently fast daily, do your banded weight training and adapt leisurely walking as a form of cardiovascular fitness. I’m not eating junk food either – simple, fresh and wholesome foods on a daily basis are essential. I allow a treat once or twice a week. I eat things like vegan ice cream, sourdough bread, lots of sweet potatoes and I say no to anything too sweet.

To be completely honest with you, I chose fasting as a way to ease my allergies and constant stomach upsets. It not only helped with this, but it also diminished my bloating, cleared my skin and strengthened my hair and nails. This is all the result of eating 1–2 meals a day. I wanted to challenge myself to 24–36-hour fasts during working hours. I find that when I fast as I work, I experience more clarity of mind, better focus, and my digestion is relaxed and calm. I have discovered the hard way that eating during work causes too much stress on my body – because I work in a very stressful and deadline-driven environment at times. If you have the same work environment, try fasting during your working day, and see if this calms your body and mind. For some it won’t, but if you suffer from IBS or have an autoimmune disease – why not give it a try and see if it eases your symptoms.

If I didn’t go on this journey, I would not have discovered different pitfalls of dieting, and how to overcome them. It’s a very simple thing, but you only seek what you want to find. I believe fasting is the best way to combat fat gain, and also help us to lead a healthier life. I do hope that you try it too.

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