Why do so many people hate cardio?

I had to laugh at this question. I’m not a cardio hater, but I have some idea as to why it’s not so well received amongst many people. The funny thing is that our variants of cardio are from one end of the scale, towards another. Much research has been conducted on the basis of long term health benefits and downfalls of cardio. It’s really hard to know what’s accurate and what’s downright false.

4 reasons why most people dislike cardio

  1. If you do too much, it eats away at your muscle mass. I think this is a huge reason why so many people dismiss long duration cardio. It’s one of the reasons why I do not take on this type of cardio. I prefer to walk or jog lightly sometimes. Doing a lot of cardio when you’re trying to put on muscle mass, will leave you in a spiral of muscle gain and loss. It’s hard enough to put a good amount of muscle on, and it’s not worth the risk of losing one bit of it, just so you can burn off some calories.

    In the long run, muscle mass is going to do a lot more for your fat-burning potential than cardio. This is no secret – it’s just that not many people understand this enough.

  2. It’s boring. Now, I know a lot of cardio heads will say this is absolutely not true – and that lifting weights is boring. Each to their own! I think running for hours is very boring. It wears me out and leaves me in a negative state. When I lift weights, I feel strong, empowered and as my body shape changes, I want to keep building on what I’ve achieved and tweaked my aesthetics. Perhaps that’s just the rare few of us, but I get a HUGE buzz out of lifting weights and increasing my personal best each time I do so.
  3. It can make you fatter. Yes, you heard right – too much cardio can have the opposite effect of what you want because it causes the body to increase its levels of cortisol! Some people just aren’t equipped to do long-duration cardio. It bloats them, increases fluid retention and is exhausting. Weights are a much better way to change your body shape long term, and have the capacity to gain strength, and lose body weight at the same time. Both cardio and weight training gives our minds a powerful boost as well. You have to push yourself, talk yourself into going the distance when the going gets tough. But doing too much cardio makes you very susceptible to accumulating body fat – so please do proceed with caution.
  4. It’s just not something they feel is for them. I know the feeling, as I’m sure you do too. We all have that niggling passion for particular things. For a lot of people, running or some other types of exercises, are really not their cup of tea. That’s not to say it’s laziness, or you don’t want to try – it’s that you really don’t feel that it resonates with you. This is totally cool. Not everyone wants to be an athlete or a marathon runner. The most important thing when it comes to exercise is finding something you enjoy doing and sticking to it long term. I don’t need to tell you that if you love something a lot, it will be easy to stick to and to keep on doing years from now. This is what makes exercise sustainable, fun and something you can challenge yourself with. Not everyone wants to become a contestant on tough mudder! Embrace what’s inside of you and run with it now (literally!).

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